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Small Healing Crystals

55 products

55 products

Want to learn more about crystal healing?

Moon Charged Crystals has a huge selection of little gemstones perfect for any crystal enthusiast. Whether you are a newbie or a die-hard collector.  Did you know you can use crystals to heal your chakra system and manifest your dreams? All our crystals are listed with expert crystal work advice.

Every crystal is unique.  They emit a special frequency that has the ability to impact your energy field in extremely positive ways.  There are certain healing stones that, across history and in most cultures worldwide, have seemed to be the most popular. These beautiful crystals are essential for any crystal collector and your general go-to tools for tackling the stresses of daily life.
Not sure what to do with your crystals?  
Check out how to use your crystals for chakra healing, manifesting your dreams and generally living your best life.