Rare Crystal Specimens

Looking for an exact crystal specimen? Or a larger piece of crystal to help increase energy flow in your home? We can help you find your perfect crystal and advise you on where to display it in your home.



If you have a specific crystal in mind that is not listed on our site, please contact us with the crystal type, size and price range. We'll work with our mine partners and crystal distributors to get you the right crystal.


We know how vital it is to cleanse your energetic field on a regular basis to help maintain balance in the chakra system, but did you know that clearing the energy of your environment, whether it’s at home or work, objects or any public place, is just as important. Removing negative energy from the environment leaves room for new positive energy to move in. If any negative/negative energy has gotten into your environment, you may want to consider doing an energy cleanse. Negative energy/low vibrations can stick to the atmosphere, and this can affect the whole energy of the space and your own life energy.

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