How to ... use your Crystal Grid

Our Crystal Energy Generators are designed to help relax (nuwa), release (the shaman) and revitalise (dagaz) the mind, body and spirit. Each grid contains specific crystal combinations to work to enhance each other in order achieve the desired outcome. 

In each grid you will find, one amplifier crystal and several conductor crystals.

Amplifier crystal :
This crystal is the power of the grid, its secondary purpose is to enhance the power of the grid. For example, in the shaman, smokey quartz is used as the amplifier. Smokey Quartz is known to transform negative energy into positive energy, which is perfect when working to release unwanted negative emotional attachments

Conductor crystals:
These crystals are chosen for their metaphysical properties dependant on which grid you choose. Each of these crystals allows the energy of the amplifier to travel through them and magnify their individual powers. See the product descriptions for information on each stone 

Your Energy Generator is cleansed and has been charged using the moons energy, all you need to do is set it up (as below) and away you go.

Here is how to get the best out of your crystal grid:


1. Set up your crystals! You will receive a diagram with your grid with instructions on where to place each crystal in your Crystal Energy Generator

2. Once the Energy Generator is set up, activate your grid, simply recite the following intention: "I acknowledge the law of attraction, I set my intention to ____. My intention is now my affirmation and the universe will deliver what I need"

3. Use your breath to activate your grid, breathe in the intention and then release over the grid

4. Don't forget to take your palm stone with you wherever you go, this is the Talisman for your grid, and will keep the grids energy with you. Just place it back onto your grid when you return, remember to give your thanks for the energy the crystals have provided you.


Our Crystal Energy Generators were the first collection we launched here at MCC. These crystal grids are very special to us and we hope you love them just as much as we do!

When we designed the grids we had energy healing in the forefront of our minds, we had 3 key requirements for the mind, body & soul - relax, release and revitalise.

We are hugely proud of our crystal choices in our grids; we worked with so many different combinations for each purpose, testing out each combination for weeks at a time before finally deciding on the most powerful and effective combinations to use.

Whether you need to relax your mind, release negative attachments or revitalise your body, we have the perfect crystal healing combination for you


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