Improve the energy flow in your home

Crystals that can improve the flow of chi in your home...

A great way to test the healing power of crystals is by investing in a large crystal display piece for your home.  Large crystals can affect the mood of a room, and different crystals are advised for different rooms.  For example keep kyanite in your bedroom to help you fall asleep, and keep a piece of howlite in living spaces to keep the mood chill.  If you want to keep a room warm place a piece of carnelian in there, and to keep a room cool use serpentine.


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 When we are asked by crystal work beginners which crystal is best for a first investment, nine times out of ten we suggest amethyst.  Amethyst is an excellent crystal to keep your house energetically fresh.  Amethyst is part of the quartz family so it is super high vibe. It is associated with the purple crown chakra and this crystal clears out any bad ju-ju around the home and replaces it with uplifted energy.  If you want to experience easy peasy crystal healing place a large piece amethyst in your living room, after a month see if you notice a change in the atmosphere.  

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All these little crystal work techniques will help you invoke the Law of Attraction...

The Law of Attraction was first referenced by Russian Occultist Helena Blavatsky. Although we do not know the specifics of how this term was formed it’s likely a modern definition of principles found in the traditions of Kabbalah and Buddhism.

Helena Blavatsky | The Law of Attraction | Moon Charged Crystals

There are four rules to abide by when invoking the Law of Attraction:


☾ Like attracts like

☾ You can’t fight the rules of nature

☾ You are always in the present moment and that is perfection.  

☾ Do not be too specific and don’t worry about how it works

The Law of Attraction is very easy to work with, its just like making a wish, although some people find it difficult the first few times. We would recommend that you wish for a change in you life rather than specific items or people.  For example you want to find a new partner, you might have one in mind however you must keep your intention open to anyone. I am sure we have all had experiences where we think we have found our perfect match, only to find here was someone more suitable just around the corner.  

Once you have decided what you wish to attract you need to set your intention and the wording is very important. Be direct and ask the universe to deliver whatever is for you highest good.   The universe has your back so don’t be shy about asking for what you truly desire.  

Law of Attraction | Moon Charged Crystals

When you are working with the Law of Attraction keep things vague and remember ... like attracts like, so if you are wishing for love recognise you are worthy of love and you will find a worthy partner.  Try setting an intention like.. "I invite in love", or "Love is welcome in my life."

Whisper your intention on your crystal and keep it near you for the coming weeks.  You can carry a crystal around with you in the form of crystal jewellery , or maybe keep a larger piece next it to your bed.  For matters of the heart place crystals like rhodonite, green quartz  or  rose quartz in a prominent place in the house until you find a new love interest.  

Rose Quartz | Crystal Healing | Moon Charged Crystals

We would recommend using the moon’s cycle when practicing the Law of Attraction, Wiccan's would advise you do any manifestation work on the new moon,  this is when the power of the moon is growing.  A waxing moon helps build your dreams, whereas a waning moon helps you release what no longer serves you.  

Be aloof.  Too often I think we all get caught up in controlling our desires. If you want a new love in your life don't be too specific, just ask for love and remember to love yourself.  If you want to attract money keep your spare change next to a crystal like adventurine, or citrine and let the crystals naturally attract more abundance.   When you open your mind to the Law of Attraction the universe will take you on a wonderful journey to what and who is perfect for you.