Bespoke Crystal Grid or Charm Bag

Energy flows through us and it is super important for us to keep the energy points in our bodies healthy and open for energy to flow freely. If any of the chakras have energetic blockages, you will experience a physical or emotional symptom.

Being aware of your own energy will help in a variety of ways. Keeping crystals in the home can help increase intuition, manifest dreams and desires, as well as boost confidence and creative juices in numerous ways.

This custom-made service is designed to custom make a crystal grid or charm bag to assist in balancing your own personal energy flow. We start by reviewing your birth chart to identify any astrological influence that might be having an affect on you at this moment in time. We also ask a series of questions to better understand your physical and emotional state.

Based on the above information, we are able to intuitively choose a selection of crystals with properties that help restore your energy flow and bring you back into balance. We will also design a grid for you to place your crystals in an arrangement that maximizes both the energetic properties of each stone and the flow of energy they create.

☾ Psychic analysis of your birth chart and personal questionnaire

☾ Based on what we've learned, we hand pick the crystals that work best for you

☾ If you pick out a Crystal Grid, we'll design the mat with an idea of your personal story. We'll create a one-of-a-kind crystal grid, focusing on familiar symbology that speaks to you.


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