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Lepidolite is incredibly light-reflective, and a stunning shade of lepidolite, even in raw form.  

This stunning crystal allows you to move deeper into the focused and centred theta-state*, allowing for deeper meditation and a night of restful sleep. 
*Theta is the frequency of our brain waves as we are in a deep sleep and dreaming 

MCC Crystal Work tips

Chakra Healing 


Lepidolite is extremely supportive of your crown chakra.  Keeping lepidolite in your home will automatically clear any emotional and mental blockages from your energy field.  

Manifest your dreams


Whenever you need to psychically explore a feeling you’re having, for example, you’re feeling uncomfortable around someone or you have a feeling that something drastic is about to happen in your life and you want more insight, you can use lepidolite to guide you into deep intuitive meditation.


Find a quiet place, get comfy, close your eyes and try meditation for 10 minutes.


Once you are in a state of deep calm hold your lepidolite crystal in front of your third eye and ask a question


Next, take the lepidolite crystal and hold it in your receptive hand (the hand you don't write with) and continue to meditate


Take notice of the symbols or messages that come to mind. Within your visions, you will see the answers to your questions

  Best use for your crystal 


Lepidolite is a beautiful crystal and when in raw form people tend to place it on display. Although this crystal is suitable for anywhere in the home, offices, meditation rooms or public spaces we find that lepidolite is an excellent crystal to keep next to your bed as this crystal repairs your energy field as you sleep. Lepidolite is also a perfect crystal for anyone interested in active dreaming, keep a piece of lepidolite near your bed. If you want to explore your own psyche whilst you sleep tap your crystal three times before bed to activate. 

When you've been feeling chaotic emotions or a lack of patience, lepidolite will provide you with the balance needed to release any unwelcome attachments. It is one of the most powerful stones for emotional balance... say goodbye to worry and stress, fear and loss.

Did you know? 
Lepidolite has high Lithium content which is used in anti-depressant medication
Lepidolite bubble is associated with the Crown Chakra and can be used to enhance psychic abilities and increase awareness of messages and symbols you may receive in meditation. Your intuition will be enhanced by regularly working with this mystic stone

Perfect for:
 stabilising emotions
 removing anxiety and fear
 aiding a restful sleep  

Build your crystal collection:


  Ethically sourced crystals, charged under the full moon for extra energetic power


  The crystal in the pictures is an example: 

 approximate weight and size: 

20g and size 35 x 35mm

Manifestation is when you attract something into existence through the power of your mind. The trick to manifestation is simple, you just need to truly believe that you deserve to have your most amazing dreams come true. 

Being an expert manifestor is, for some people, a process. Begin your manifestation journey by focusing on the small wins, like a convenient parking spot or a seat on a busy train.  Once you start seeing evidence of some smaller wishes come true, you’ll be ready to give big manifestations a go.

Crystal witch

Setting your intention

for every day, little manifestations 

Using the power of intention is a simple practice that can be incorporated into your everyday life. The real trick to setting an intention is seeing it through.  You must not let negative thinking hold you back.  Easier said than done right?  That is why crystal work can be an excellent support tool for self work.

Choose a crystal you feel drawn to, set your intention by speaking to the crystal.  Just hold your precious gemstone and whisper your wish. Carry your crystal with you so it can be a constant reminder of your mission statement.


Moon Cycle Manifestation

for big manifestation

You can use the moon’s cycle to support your big manifestations.  You need to start on the new moon and everyday of the 28 day moon cycle set your intention on a specific wish.

On the night of the new moon you place your crystals in a prominent place in your home, maybe somewhere in the moonlight like a windowsill.  Every night until the full moon repeat your intention and see what magic manifests!

Crystal witch

Learn more about crystal healing and manifesting on  Instagram, Facebook and now Tik Tok.   

Chakra healing meaning: The word chakra is originally Sanskrit, meaning 'wheel' or 'turning'. It refers to our main energy centres and how they affect our physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing.  Each chakra has its own colour, element and purpose.   

Chakra healing

Your body is an energy system, and each part has its own function. While your heart keeps the blood flowing and your lungs keep you breathing, your energy system keeps your whole body working properly.

Your chakras need energy to flow through them in order to keep your spiritual body healthy. Imbalances in your energy system can cause psychological and physical symptoms, so it's important to keep your chakras in balance.

One of the ways you can heal your chakra system is through crystal realignment. You simply lay down and place a crystal of the corresponding colour on the chakra point, then sit back and relax as your energy blends with the healing frequency of the crystal.  

Chakra healing and crystals

A crystal's healing properties work on a spiritual level. They help clear your mind and restore your energy. Check out the chart below that illustrates the colour associations with each chakra point, plus examples of crystals that work well for alignments.

*You may be aware of the major seven chakras, the main energy centres of the body in the Indian and Buddhist traditions. But in fact, there are over a hundred chakra points, and at MCC we focus on ten.


 This is an excerpt from our blog!  

Read about all ten chakras here

 How to cleanse your crystals:

1. Smoke cleanse

This is a very popular way to cleanse your crystals. The purifying smoke removes any energetic residue. You should always cleanse your crystals before you charge them. 

Some crystal healing enthusiasts use candles or herb bundles. You can also use a bowl of mixed resins and herbs.   Sage, rosemary and myrrh make a beautiful blend. Many shamanic healers use sage or palo Santo sticks.  You should move the smoke around in a clockwise direction to cleanse the stone. 

How to cleanse and charge your crystals

2. Sound healing

Sound healing is a great way to uplift your crystals' energy. It is believed that crystals align very well with the frequency of the sound. A lot of spiritual practitioners use a traditional singing bowl, but you can also download healing frequency sounds from Youtube.  My favourite healing frequency is 432 hz, the universal frequency of harmony and peace. 

How to charge your crystals under the full moon 

The full moon marks the peak of the moon’s illumination, and this powerful moonlight is considered to be full of high vibrational energy that will charge your crystals up to their full healing capacity.  

Traditionally, it is recommended to cleanse your crystals and leave them in the direct moonlight all night long. If you have a specific crystal healing purpose for any of your stones, you can prepare them by setting an intention.

 This excerpt is is from our blog: 

How to cleanse and charge your crystals

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