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The master crystal for manifesting

Clear quartz is an essential crystal in any collection. It restores and regulates energy.  This popular crystal has a high vibration and resonates well with any other crystal, amplifying its energy.

A master healer, this stone can clear blockages in your energy system. Clear quartz will clear the mind, shift negative perspective and promote enlightenment. Linking to all of the chakras, this stone is an amazingly high vibe crystal.

Crafted with intention and charged under the full moon, Moon Charged Crystal Jewellery is seriously high vibe with amazing healing powers.

Gold-plated Chain: 600mm ~ Pendant: 20x20mm

Manifestation is when you attract something into existence through the power of your mind. The trick to manifestation is simple, you just need to truly believe that you deserve to have your most amazing dreams come true. 

Being an expert manifestor is, for some people, a process. It is suggested to build up your ability by practicing tiny manifestations. Once you start seeing evidence of these tiny wishes come true, you’ll be ready to give big manifestations a go.

There are a few different ways you can manifest a wish. In this blog, we'll show you how to use these powerful manifestation techniques from easy to advanced.

  1. Simply set your intention
  2. Work with the moon cycle to bring big changes into your life 
  3. Use a crystal for an instant manifestation


Setting your intention .... for every day, little manifestations 

Using the power of intention is a simple practice that can be incorporated into your everyday life. The technique is to make a, metaphorical, stand and declare to the universe something you desire to happen.

The difference between a mantra and setting an intention is that setting an intention invokes change which you then manifest with your own actions. Whereas a mantra is a repeating phrase that will effect a change within your psyche.

Setting an intention can be as simple as wishing for the determination to go to the gym, or making the effort to release emotional baggage, or not let anxiety rule your life. 

The real trick to setting an intention is seeing it through.  You must not let negative thinking hold you back.  Easier said than done right?  That is why crystal work can be an excellent support tool for self work.


Simply choose a crystal you feel drawn to, set your intention by speaking to the crystal.  Just hold your precious gemstone and whisper your wish. Carry your crystal with you so it can be a constant reminder of your mission statement.


Check crystal guides .... so you chose the right crystal to support your manifestation

Crystals all emit a certain frequency, so by associating a certain stone to your intention you are getting extra energetic support.  It is advised to check out crystal guides to find the perfect crystal that supports the theme of your wish.



As a whole crystal energy can generally can be categorised into three groups:

☾ POWER CRYSTALS .. "I will achieve ..." ✨ chose motivational crystals like carnelian  

☾ HEALING CRYSTALS ... "I release what no longer serves me"✨ chose a cleansing crystal like smokey quartz

"I want to invite more .... into my life" chose an attractor crystal like pyrite


Did you know that crystals are fantastic for attracting abundance? Some crystals are very lucky and bring powerful gifts and opportunities into your life.  All crystals emit a frequency into the atmosphere that is specific to its crystal group. Some crystals can support a relaxing vibe in a room, and some emit very fast-moving, high frequency energy that works almost like a magnet, attracting good fortune and exciting experiences.

Top attractor crystals are:

Quartz - Attracts what you want, fast

Adeventurine - The Luckiest crystal of all

Citrine -  Attracts the physical manifestation of our worth ...ie money!!

 Just by keeping these crystals in your home you will bring extra high vibe energy into your life.  You needn't really do anything, they do the work for you!

For more advanced crystal work in manifesting abundance, focus on setting a strong intention and working with the moon's cycle.



Moon Cycle Manifestation .... for big manifestation spells

When you want to manifest something specific it can sometimes take some time to work through issues and prove to yourself you really deserve what you wish. 

You can use the moon’s cycle to support your manifestations.  You need to start on the new moon and everyday of the 28 day moon cycle set your intention on a specific wish.

For example, if you want to manifest more money chose a crystal like citrine, perhaps you want the money fast so you also place a piece of quartz next to the citrine.


On the night of the new moon you place your crystals in a prominent place in your home, maybe somewhere in the moonlight like a windowsill.

Set your intention:  "Bring me the abundance I deserve"✨  Repeat this intention every night for fifteen nights as the moon waxes , the build up of light between the new and full moon.

Over the last half of the moon cycle (waning phase)  place your crystals in a prominent place.  Over these days you will be more aware of self sabotaging statements crossing your mind, this is normal because you have questioned what you deserve and that is a big question. Be mindful not to overthink, just drown out the chatter with this affirmation: "I am worth it"✨

 During this manifestation process your crystals will be working their magic behind the scenes, you just need to remain open to opportunities in your life and remember...YOU ARE WORTH IT! 



Full Moon Manifesting!!  The perfect time for instant manifestations

This weekend we have a full moon in Aquarius  and, for those crystal work practitioners that feel confident in their manifestation abilities, we wanted to share with you this instant manifestation guide for working with this mysterious moon.

Aquarius moons are an excellent time to explore your own inner psyche, and you can use a crystal to support you as you uncover hidden mysteries about yourself.  A great way to explore your inner self is to practice Active Dreaming, and a full moon is the ideal time to do so as the light of the moon is believe to illuminate our souls.

On the night of the full moon you must prepare yourself, perhaps detoxify your energy with a moon bath ritual or simply mediate to clear your mind.

Once you feel relaxed it is time to think about your burning question?  Maybe you want to uncover a family secret, or you want to understand what issues are holding you back from living your best life?  Chose one theme you wish to explore.  



Next chose a crystal that supports that theme.  You can intuitively pick a crystal or use this guide to find a relevant gemstone to support you.  Crystals that are generally good for active dreaming are: 

☾ Celestite

☾ Selenite

☾ Labradorite

☾ Lepidolite

Create a sacred space, you could surround yourself with plants, candles or other special crystals.  Place your chosen crystal in front of you, or hold it in your hand and repeat this simple intention spell: 

“Tonight as I sleep reveal the secret within me!”✨

It is recommended you sleep next to your crystal and before you go to sleep tap your crystal three times to activate your wish.

In the morning be sure to take note of any signs, symbols or messages from your dreams.  They might not make sense straight away but if you keep referring to your notes you should be able to decipher your answer.   



Build your manifestation skills by using a crystal to set your intention.  Start with small with every day wishes   Work with the moon cycle for extra energetic support when making big wishes.    

Our next blog will be going into further detail into the chakra system and how you can use crystals to improve the energetic flow in your body.



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The chakra system is the Indian and Buddhist interpretation of our subtle energy body, similar to the Chinese Meridian System.  The Sanskrit translation is 'Spinning Wheel of Light,' this describes how each chakra point is energy vortex.  



The energies need to flow in a clockwise direction into the body, and counterclockwise behind you to release.   Any imbalances in energy system can cause psychological and physical symptoms, so it's vital to nurture your spiritual body.

One of the ways you can heal this system is through realignment. You simply lay down and place a crystal of the corresponding colour on the chakra point, then sit back and relax as your energy blends with the healing frequency of the crystal.

Check out the chart below that illustrates the color associations with each chakra meridian, plus examples of crystals that work well for alignments.



Crown - Purple
Connect with source.
Imagine an energy point shooting out of the top of your head, receiving cosmic downloads and serenity. Blockages to this point can create depression and anxiety.
CRYSTALS:  amethyst, lepidolite and thulite
Third eye - Indigo
Align your vision
This chakra is what gives us clarity of vision. When this chakra is imbalanced, it can cause 'projections,' where your imagination creates situations that are created from your false perspective.
CRYSTALS:  lapis lazuli, turquiose and labradorite
Throat - Blue  
Speak your truth
This is how we connect with other human beings, sharing our experiences and stories with others. It's a common chakra point that can get blocked, as we can sometimes struggle to speak our truths due to social pressure.
CRYSTALS: kyanite, blue Calcite and sodalite
Heart - Green 
Open your heart and soul
This chakra is where we feel and relate to others, it is important to keep this meridian point nourished with good thoughts, imbalances can lead you to be introverted and unreasonably suspicious of others.
CRYSTALS: serpentine, green tourmaline and adventurine
Solar Plexus -  Yellow 
Let your unique self shine.
The solar plexus is where our self-confidence sits, it's our carnal nature. Blockages in this area can lead people to be very anxious and self-absorbed.
CRYSTALS: citrine, tiger's iron and pyrite


Sacral- Orange 
Fuel your passion
This chakra feeds our creativity and sensuality, it regulates our personal freedom and self-confidence. When this chakra is out of balance, it can lead to stagnation and low self-esteem.
CRYSTALS: sunstone, orange calcite and agate
Root - Red / Black
Stand in your power
The root chakra connects us to the earth, it keeps us grounded.  When there are blockages we become unstable. As this is the base of your chakra system it can set your entire energy system off balance. 

 CRYSTALS: onyx, carnelian and smokey quartz


You can also use your pendulum to check the energy flow at each point. Energy should flow into the body in a clockwise motion, if your pendulum turns in an anti-clockwise direction, this is a sign of blocked energy.

For further information into the Moon Charged Crystals and how they relate to the chakra system visit our Crystal family page.

Crystals that can improve the flow of chi in your home...

A great way to test the healing power of crystals is by investing in a large crystal display piece for your home.  Large crystals can affect the mood of a room, and different crystals are advised for different rooms.  For example keep kyanite in your bedroom to help you fall asleep, and keep a piece of howlite in living spaces to keep the mood chill.  If you want to keep a room warm place a piece of carnelian in there, and to keep a room cool use serpentine.


Crystal Work Guide | The Law of Attraction | Moon Charged Crystals

 When we are asked by crystal work beginners which crystal is best for a first investment, nine times out of ten we suggest amethyst.  Amethyst is an excellent crystal to keep your house energetically fresh.  Amethyst is part of the quartz family so it is super high vibe. It is associated with the purple crown chakra and this crystal clears out any bad ju-ju around the home and replaces it with uplifted energy.  If you want to experience easy peasy crystal healing place a large piece amethyst in your living room, after a month see if you notice a change in the atmosphere.  

Amethyst | Crystal healing | Moon Charged Crystals


All these little crystal work techniques will help you invoke the Law of Attraction...

The Law of Attraction was first referenced by Russian Occultist Helena Blavatsky. Although we do not know the specifics of how this term was formed it’s likely a modern definition of principles found in the traditions of Kabbalah and Buddhism.

Helena Blavatsky | The Law of Attraction | Moon Charged Crystals

There are four rules to abide by when invoking the Law of Attraction:


☾ Like attracts like

☾ You can’t fight the rules of nature

☾ You are always in the present moment and that is perfection.  

☾ Do not be too specific and don’t worry about how it works

The Law of Attraction is very easy to work with, its just like making a wish, although some people find it difficult the first few times. We would recommend that you wish for a change in you life rather than specific items or people.  For example you want to find a new partner, you might have one in mind however you must keep your intention open to anyone. I am sure we have all had experiences where we think we have found our perfect match, only to find here was someone more suitable just around the corner.  

Once you have decided what you wish to attract you need to set your intention and the wording is very important. Be direct and ask the universe to deliver whatever is for you highest good.   The universe has your back so don’t be shy about asking for what you truly desire.  

Law of Attraction | Moon Charged Crystals

When you are working with the Law of Attraction keep things vague and remember ... like attracts like, so if you are wishing for love recognise you are worthy of love and you will find a worthy partner.  Try setting an intention like.. "I invite in love", or "Love is welcome in my life."

Whisper your intention on your crystal and keep it near you for the coming weeks.  You can carry a crystal around with you in the form of crystal jewellery , or maybe keep a larger piece next it to your bed.  For matters of the heart place crystals like rhodonite, green quartz  or  rose quartz in a prominent place in the house until you find a new love interest.  

Rose Quartz | Crystal Healing | Moon Charged Crystals

We would recommend using the moon’s cycle when practicing the Law of Attraction, Wiccan's would advise you do any manifestation work on the new moon,  this is when the power of the moon is growing.  A waxing moon helps build your dreams, whereas a waning moon helps you release what no longer serves you.  

Be aloof.  Too often I think we all get caught up in controlling our desires. If you want a new love in your life don't be too specific, just ask for love and remember to love yourself.  If you want to attract money keep your spare change next to a crystal like adventurine, or citrine and let the crystals naturally attract more abundance.   When you open your mind to the Law of Attraction the universe will take you on a wonderful journey to what and who is perfect for you.


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