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5 Ways To Attract Positive Energy In Your Home

Your home should be a happy and peaceful sanctuary, where you can recharge your batteries and switch off from the stresses of the outside world. We often underestimate just how much effect our environment can have on our moods.

If something doesn’t feel quite right, it can be easy to ignore it, especially if we can’t quite pinpoint exactly what the problem is. However, this can become a drain on our mental, spiritual, and emotional energy. To help you optimise the energy of your home to the full, here are some adjustments that may help.


Declutter your home

A home that is untidy, cluttered, and disorganised will be detrimental to your wellbeing. It is especially important to keep hallways clear of any obstructions, to allow the energy in the home to circulate. If possible, store your coats and shoes away in a cupboard, and keep surfaces clear, or with just one or two decorative items.


Maximise natural light sources

A dark and dingy home can feel like an oppressive place to be. Maximise the natural light by making sure the windows are free from all obstructions, and the curtain poles are wide enough to fully draw back the curtains during daylight hours. If there is a tree or shrub blocking your light from outside, have it pruned back.

If you are still not able to get much natural light, consider investing in your lighting. Daylight lamps can boost the energy levels, and help to keep your circadian rhythms in balance. In the evening, use ambient night lights or sunset lamps to set the mood.


Hang positive artworks and photos

Add some inspiring wall art to your home, or photographs of places or people that you love. Avoid anything too dark and gloomy in subject matter, no matter how arty you think it is! Stick to uplifting pieces and soothing or vibrant colours and patterns as much as possible.


Consider the harmony of the furniture

Is your furniture the right size for the room? A small room can feel overwhelmed with too many large items, or just too many smaller pieces crammed in, whereas a large room with too little furniture can feel hostile and unwelcoming. Try and achieve a happy flow and balance in each room, which lets you move around with ease and pleases the eye.


Add some natural elements

Bringing nature into our homes can really change the energy. Plants not only add the visual interest of your home, but they also help to cleanse and purify the air. A freshly cut vase of flowers adds beauty and fragrance to a room.

Gemstones, such as crystals, are another popular way to create good vibes in your home. For example, amethyst is thought to help rebalance disturbed energy fields, and bring a new clarity and peace of mind to those around it. Rose quartz is thought to amplify the love and joy in the environment.

Of course, crystals are also very beautiful, and will bring you joy every time you pass by.


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