How long does shipping take?
2-5 working days with Hermes Delivery for most UK deliveries.
You can track your parcel here
*We currently only ship to the UK.  Please message us for international deliveries.  
Hermes Delivery | 2-5 working days | Moon Charged Crystals
How can you ensure your crystals are ethically-sourced?
To ensure we are working with fair-trade partners we first check that the mine standards comply with our own standards :
- Employees people only over the age of 16
- Employees are paid the minimum wage
legislated in the country where the crystals are mined.
- The mine complies with health and safety, as well environmental regulations legislated in the county where the crystals are mined.
- We only work with mines in countries with satisfactory mining regulations  regarding a fair minimum wage, and good health and safety and environmental regulations.  
We then either visit the mine, or ask for a virtual tour.
*We have cancelled  international travel due to Covid-19 restrictions and are currently working with two UK based distributors with excellent ethical sourcing policy.  For further information or links to their Ethical Sourcing Policies please contact us.
Ethically sourced crystals | Moon Charged Crystals
Can I wash my crystals?
We have lovingly nurtured and cleansed the crystals so they should be good for a while.  If you feel they need to be cleansed we would recommend burning sage to purify.  
Some crystals will dissolve in water.  Rule of thumb is if it ends in 'ite' its not suitable for water and can release toxins.  Please always double check or email us at info@moonchargedcrystals.com for advice.  

Can I wash my crystals? | Moon Charged Crystals
Why don't my crystals look the same as the picture?
Crystals are very unique pieces of natural material.  They come in all different shapes and sizes.  We hand package all our pieces with stones that compliment and balance each other.  Sometimes they can look larger or smaller than the picture, but we can guarantee the specific type and quality that is advertised on the website. 
Crystals can also come with metallic residue, we clean the stones to the highest quality without having to disrupt the structure of the stones.  We use a lot of raw pieces as we have found through research that the amorphous shape omits a stronger frequency.  We would encourage our customers to appreciate the natural beauty of the rocks, and perhaps consider the Law of Attraction.... trust you will attract the perfect crystal for you.  

Crystal Essenstials for your collection | Moon Charged Crystals
What is the Law of Attraction and how does that relate to crystals?
The Law of Attraction is a theory that the universe answers the call to what you ask of it.  But there are a few rules.  It is better to be vague and to ask for things that serve your greater purpose.  For example if you want a new partner in your life, don't focus on anyone in particular rather acknowledge that you have an opening in your heart and ask the universe to bring in the perfect person. 
Within our study of various folklores we have found many tales of crystals having a mysterious way appearing and disappearing in our lives.  Have you ever been very drawn to one particular crystal in a mix?  Or have a strange disappearance of a stone?  When you receive your Moon Charged Crystals perhaps think about how these crystals have found there way to you for a reason, to help you in some way.  And if they do disappear, well maybe they have served their purpose and are on their way to a new person to assist. 

The Law of Attraction | Moon Charged Crystals
Is the stuff really for real?
Well you can gauge and manipulate the frequency of a crystal.  You must be reading this now from a device which will use a crystal electrically programmed to purpose, a quartz regulator chip.  Technology has become quietly reliant on crystals in the modern world. 
Nikola Tesla saw value the naturally omitted frequencies of crystals and even created a powerless crystal radio, that amplified subtle sound frequencies.  In medicine people have documented miraculous recoveries from the realignment of their chakra systems by crystals. 

 Crystals in technology | Moon Charged Crystals
on rituals.