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Moon Charged Pendulum Kits

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9 products

Psychics often use pendulums for divination, while healers use them to check the health of your chakra system. Whatever spiritual practices you follow every #crystalwitch needs a special pendulum!

Moon Charged Pendulum Kits come with beautiful AAA grade Agate Slices and are plated in your choice of 24ct gold, rose gold or silver
To start you simply hold the chain of the pendulum between your thumb and forefinger. Holding the pendulum in your chosen hand, run your other hand down the length of the pendulum chain to steady it, and rest the bottom tip of the pendulum in your palm. Move your hand away from the bottom of the pendulum.

As you move it away, the pendulum will start moving. Ask your pendulum to show you a YES response. Your pendulum will either circle around or swing back and forth in a straight line. Whichever way the pendulum moves for YES means the other direction is the answer for NO.

You can use your Pendulum for:

Keep your moon charged pendulum energetically high vibe with a beautiful 24ct gold, rose gold or silver-plated agate slice.   Did you know agate is an excellent crystal to keep your other crystals energetically attuned?  Agate has slow-moving energy that is very grounding.  Imagine a camel storing up energy for the road ahead.  

Moon Charged Pendulums and Agate Slices come in individual keep-safe pouches inside a 100% recyclable box, along with an instruction booklet.

Our agate is natural, AAA grade and plated in 24ct gold, rose gold or silver. The example pictured here is an average size for this stone; but it can also come in various other shapes and textures depending on the cut, with dimensions of up to 70mm x 70mm x 7mm

The crystal pendulum was handcrafted in India by a certified trader.  The chains are made from 24ct gold, rose gold or silver-plated steel measuring approximately 170mm in length. Each pendulum is handmade and electroplated with meticulous care at Moon Charged Crystals Ltd.