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Astrology and Crystals

Astrology monitors the movements of the planets, sun and moon in our solar system and interprets their energetic influence on our daily lives.  Some of us may read our horoscopes, looking to the astrological sign the sun was in when we were born. This is referred to as our sun sign.  In traditional Crystal Work, your personal astrology chart and sun sign is not really important, it is better to focus on which astrological sign the sun and moon are sitting in each day.

There are twelve astrological signs in the skies above us and by heeding advice from astrologers, we can stay ahead of tricky transits whilst still taking advantage of any positive energies that might pop up whilst we travel through that zodiac sign.  

Carrying one or two specific crystals with you during an astrological transit can be a great way to tap into the energy of that sign. Every year, the sun spends about a month in each of the twelve astrological signs, so each month, you can place a supporting crystal for that astrological sign somewhere prominent in the house. The sun's energy is powerful but consistent, and the crystal will support the positive attributes of that astrological sign. For example whilst the sun is in Leo  (June 20- July 21) place high energy crystals around the house like clear quartz and carnelian, and make the most of the fun, action packed energy of the Lion.  


The sun is about action.  Use crystals to make the most out of powerful energy of the sun.

The sun transits around all twelve astrological signs in one year.   

Display a large crystal, over 10mm wide/tall, that supports the energy of the astrological sign the sun is in.


The moon is all about emotions.  Use crystals to manage overwhelming feelings.

The moon transits around all twelve astrological signs in one month.

Keep small crystals on your person  that assist with the energy of astrological sign the moon is in.   


The energy of the moon tends to be more volatile than the sun’s, as the moon’s transit around the zodiac signs is fast and changeable (approximately 28 days), so you’ll want to keep up. The moon spends about 2.5 days in each sign so keep track of the placement of the moon and carry around a small piece of crystal that’s supporting the energy of  its astrological sign.  For example, if the moon is in Aries you can expect our moods to be more passionate or even aggressive. By being aware that we can be prone to angst we can help to keep ourselves calm during this transit by meditating more, or carrying a piece of tourmaline or tigers iron to adsorb negative energy and resentments.  

Each sign has it's own archetypal symbol attached, by focusing on the symbolic image attached to the astrological sign while meditating you can better harness the energy of crystals.    For example, when the moon is in Taurus focus on the symbology of the bull - strong, powerful and maybe a little stubborn. Support this astrological influence with strong grounding crystals like obsidian and sodalite.


Astrology and crystals
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Follow our guide below to see which crystal compliments the energy of each astrological sign.  

Choosing twelve crystals that support you during each astrological transit will keep you covered for the whole year ahead!  


Aries | Astrology and crystals | best crystals for Aries astrological star sign
Aries (March 21st -April 20th)
Power, action and authority
Focus on manifesting new projects and asserting your own needs. Aries represents the child so balance all that work with a little time for play. People can also be very self-centred and argumentative during this moon cycle so watch who you take on! Focus on your own needs but beware of temper tantrums.
CRYSTALS:  Obsidian for strength and grounding, and red jasper to support the passions in your root chakra
Taurus | Astrology and crystals | Best crystals for taurus astrological star sign
Taurus (April 21st -May 20th)
Stability, comfort and health. 
Focus on material needs, wellbeing and creating a calm, supportive living space. Set aside some time every day for movement as laziness and over indulgence can be a problem during this moon cycle. Stubbornness can be an issue too - this isn’t the best time to convince someone to your way of thinking.
CRYSTALS:  Rose quartz to promote self love, and blue kyanite so you can make the most of your free time at home.   
Gemini | Astrology and crystals | Best crystals for gemini astrological star sign
Gemini (May 21st - June 20th)
Communication, personality, connection and movement. 
Focus on your inner circle and how you are perceived by the world. Gossip can rear its ugly head at this time so be aware of who you spend your time with and the power of your words! Gemini needs constant stimulation so keep your schedule fluid - you may not be able to focus on one thing for too long.
CRYSTALS: Lapis Lazuli  to promote speaking with clarity, tigers eye to control your inner critic
Cancer | Astrology and crystals | Best crystals for cancer astrological sign
Cancer (June 21st -July  20th)
Sympathy, emotions and sensitivity. 
Focus on what you can do to nurture those around you? Be kind to yourself and others as its normal to have a lot of feelings and be emotional at this time. Spend time in or around water. Allow old hurts to rise to the surface for integration and release.
CRYSTALS:  Selenite to keep you thoughts high-vibe and positive, and rhodonite to balance your emotions.
Leo | Astrology and crystals \ best crystals for Leo astrological star sign
Leo (July 21st - Aug20th)
Confidence, creativity and attraction.   
Focus on your gifts and how you can illuminate them to the world. Beware of diva-like behaviour in yourself and others - Leo loves the drama! You’ll want to make sure your hair is looking its best at this time too, just like the lion and his mane! This can also be a very ‘hot and dry’ moon so drink lots of water.
CRYSTALS:  Carnelian, the crystal of the sun, to promote passion, and hematite to heal emotional wounds.  
Virgo | Astrology and crystals | Best crystals for virgo astrological star sign
Virgo (Aug 21st - Sept 20th)
Methodical, analytical and insightful.
Focus in on the small details of your life, accepting your choices with self love. Take a look at how you are spending your day to day life and your habits - are they helping or hurting you? If you have some grotty patterns going on, this is the time to identify and work towards eliminating them! Criticism and nit picking can be a problem during this cycle - both of yourself and others so take a breath before you explode at someone for leaving their socks on the floor!
CRYSTALS:  Celestite to connect with your spirit guides, and citrine to attract the luxury and abundance
Libra | Astrology and Crystals | Best crystals for libra
Libra (Sept 21st -Oct 20th)
Fairness, balance and diplomacy. 
Focus on your relationships and ensure you work harmoniously with all the people in your life. Watch for people pleasing at this time - Libra prizes harmony at all costs so don’t sign up for something that you don’t really want to do just because you don’t want to upset someone.  This can lead to resentment which has a very low and toxic vibration. 
CRYSTALS:  Amethyst to promote calm thoughts and balance, and pyrite to energetically clear negativity from your energy field. 
Scorpio  | Astrology and crystals | Best crystals for Scorpio astrological star sign
Scorpio (Oct 21st -Nov 20th)
Emotional intensity, sensuality and mystery.

Focus on your motivations and how your thought patterns are reflected in your physical world. This is a great time for deep and meaningful conversations and for really getting to know the hidden side of the people in your life and yourself. Scorpio energy can also lead to passionate encounters in the bedroom! Watch for toxic and suppressed anger - Scorpio can be prone to hanging on to dark feelings rather letting them out to air and release.

CRYSTALS:  Smokey Quartz to connect with our inner shadow, and labradorite to support your psychic and intuitive gifts.  
 Sagittarius  | Astrology and crystals | Best crystals for Sagittarius  astrological star sign
Sagittarius (Nov 21st -Dec 20th)
Learning, passion and wanderlust. 
Focus on broadening your horizons, meeting new people and learning new skills. Concentration can be challenging at this time. If you can, get out into nature and explore - Sagittarius hates to be tied down!  Also watch for being too attached to your own opinions - Sagittarius will go to the ends of the earth to argue that black is white no matter how many people say otherwise!
CRYSTALS:  Turquoise to support concentration and obsidian to protect the travellers of the zodiac on their many adventures.  
Capricorn  | Astrology and crystals | Best crystals for Capricorn astrological star sign
Capricorn (Dec 21st - Jan 20th)
Practicality, rationalism and productivity.
This is a great time to get down to business and focus.  You’re less likely to be hijacked by your emotions at this time so put your attention on work, increasing your financial abundance and activities that require mental concentration. Capricorn tends to bury deeper emotions and can be quite mentally rigid - the antidote is exercise.  Go for a run or focus on strength training at this time. 
CRYSTALS: Moonstone for raising mental and spiritual energies, and fluorite to invite in new opportunities.  
 Aquarius  | Astrology and crystals | Best crystals for Aquarius astrological star sign
 Aquarius (Jan 21st - Feb 20th)
Humanitarianism, individuality and creativity. 
This is a great time to think outside of the box and try something new. Celebrate your unique qualities that make you stand out from the crowd. Don’t be shy and let your freak flag fly! People may need a lot of space during this lunar cycle so don’t take it personally if you feel pushed aside.  Focus on your own work and if it benefits the wider world, so much the better!
CRYSTAL:  Sodalite to promote creativity and bring free of the norm, and lepidolite to support self esteem. 
Pisces | Astrology and crystals | Best crystals for Pisces astrological star sign  
Pisces (Feb 21st -March 20th)
Intuition, compassion and love.
This can be a dreamy time, perfect for being creative and experiencing empathy towards others. Your intuition will be far more reliable than surface impressions and mental analysis at this time. Don’t be afraid to listen to your heart over your head! Pisces is very psychic but the downside is that boundaries can get blurred - are you sure the feelings you are feeling are yours? Could they belong to your partner or even your colleague on the next desk?
CRYSTAL:  Blue calcite to connect psychically with others, and tourmaline  absorbs any negative thought patterns.  
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