Our Company Policy

We believe that crystals are a precious gift from the Earth that should be treasured, therefore we have created special pieces that can be permanently incorporated in your daily life, or displayed around the home. 

Moon Charged Crystals

At Moon Charged Crystals we are dedicated to using sustainable materials for our products and packaging.  The earth is a precious provider that we are committed to keeping our practices as clean as possible, therefore we keep our plastic use to a minimum and use recycled paper wherever possible.  All plastic in our packaging, and information cards are recyclable.  

Moon Charged Crystals


To ensure we are working with fair-trade partners, we verify that the mine adheres to our own standards:
  • Only employs individuals over the age of 16
  • Pays employees at least the minimum wage mandated in the country where the crystals are mined.
  • The mine meets health and safety requirements, as well as environmental regulations established by the county where the crystals are extracted.
  • We collaborate with mines located in countries with adequate mining regulations pertaining to a fair minimum wage, as well as good health and safety and environmental regulations.
    Building relationships with trusted miners and distributors is important.  We always request either visit the mine, or ask for a virtual tour.
    *We have cancelled international travel due to Covid-19 restrictions and are currently working with two UK based distributors with excellent ethical sourcing policy.  For further information or links to their Ethical Sourcing Policies please contact us.


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