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Blue John: The Fluorite That Can Only Be Found in Derbyshire, UK

Blue John is a rare and sought-after type of fluorite found exclusively in Derbyshire, UK. It is known for its unique swirls of purple, blue and yellow, making it one of the most beautiful gemstones in the British Isles. The unique characteristics of this gemstone have made it highly prized and collectable. In this blog post, we will explore the history and significance of Blue John and the amazing crystal properties of this quirky crystal.

What is Blue John?

Blue John is a special variety of fluorite featuring layers of captivating purple-blue and yellow hues. When polished, these vibrant colors shimmer across the surface of the stone giving it a unique sparkle that is beloved by many. Though it is not the only type of fluorite found on Earth, it stands out from other varieties due to the unique combination of yellow, purple and blue crystals that form within it. Its rarity also adds to its appeal among rock collectors and jewellery makers alike who appreciate the beauty of the one-of-a-kind stone. Because Blue John fluorite can only be found in Derbyshire, it serves as a reminder of the majestic beauty found in nature from all around the world. Its natural radiance has captivated admirers since its discovery over 300 years ago, making it one of the most treasured gems available today.

Where Can It Be Found?

Found only in Blue John Cavern and Treak Cliff Cavern in Castleton, England, Blue John has been popular for its decorative properties for centuries and continues to be excavated in small batches to this day. Often referred to as Derbyshire Spar , or Derbyshire Blue John, this beautiful fluorite is one of the most sought-after crystals in the UK.

We do not know exactly where Blue John gets its unique colour.   But many now believe that the hues seen in Blue John may be caused by the disturbance of the natural crystal lattice of the fluorite molecules. This disruption of the molecular order may bring about the purple and blue hues seen in this special crystal.  Its intricate patterns, lustrous sheen and a dazzling array of colours make it one of the UK’s most precious stones - much desired for rare crystal collections.

The Peak District's caves was formed during the Carboniferous and Early Permian times, a time when the limestone lay deeply in the Earth. The precious minerals were formed down in the fractures, caves, and other spaces by layers of crystallising crystals that had risen from the hot fluids (approx 90 and 120°C) covering their walls.

How Is It Used?

As a multi-coloured crystal, Blue John fluorite heals your entire chakra system, as well as energising your energy field.  Try sleeping next to Blue John fluorite for an entire moon cycle starting on the full moon. The moon is a powerful force that can be leveraged to create positive change. Whilst the moon is waning (decrease in light from full to new moon) Blue John fluorite calms the mind, releasing what no longer serves you.  During waxing phases use Blue John fluorite to attract your dream life.

Blue John fluorite can be carried around on your person or left in a prominent place at home.  Some crystal healing enthusiasts like to use Blue John fluorite to make an intention spell, and then they hide their crystal somewhere in the house and forget about it.   Why?  Because Blue John fluorite has a very mysterious energy that attracts the unexpected into your life. It has strong crystal properties associated with spiritual growth, mental clarity, and enhancing psychic abilities. It also helps to release old traumas and negative emotions, thus creating space for more happiness and positivity in one’s life. It also helps to connect one to one’s higher self, allowing for more mindful and conscious decisions making. Furthermore, Blue John fluorite also helps one to access ancient knowledge of past lives and other dimensions. Finally, when combined with other stones such as quartz crystals, Blue John fluorite amplifies the properties of those stones, increasing the overall power of whatever intentions were set with the crystal grid formation.


What Are Its Unique Properties?

Its crystal properties include an ability to boost creativity by helping us find innovative solutions to difficult tasks and circumstances. It's also said to aid with balancing energy levels, aiding restful sleep at night and promoting grounding energies within the body. With the right mental clarity, Blue John helps us stay focused on what we want and take steps towards manifesting those goals.

Fluorites have a funny energy, known to attract strange occurrences that when they enter your life, somehow have a balancing effect on you, and Blue John fluorite definitely fits the bill.  The effect of Blue John fluorite always seems particularly unique to the person's needs, but needless to say this mystical crystal promotes emotional harmony and inspires you to live your best life.  Working with Blue John is especially great for clearing your mind, sharpening focus, amplifying confidence and unlocking untapped potential! And as if it couldn't get any better, it is also believed to bring luck and protection for whoever holds it close.

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