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Boost Your Health With Crystals This Autumn

Autumn and winter is when viruses are in full force, with people coming down with respiratory illnesses and stomach bugs everywhere you turn. 

So, if you want to boost your health and protect yourself against the seasonal bugs, why not wear handmade crystal jewellery, which is known for its healing properties?

To find out what crystals are best to boost your immunity this autumn/winter, read on. 

Clear quartz

Clear quartz is not only a favourite because of its simple beauty, but it is also known for its energising benefits. 

It is believed to have restorative properties, helping to strengthen the wearer and enhance mental, emotional and physical strength. 

According to The Spruce, it is good for all chakras, both clearing and activating them. 

Clear quartz is also believed to be a master healer, so if you are falling ill, it could be effective at giving you the strength to fight the illness much faster.

In addition to this, its transparent colour means it goes with different looks, so it can be worn daily, helping you get through the season while still remaining stylish. 


Another beautiful healing stone is amethyst. This purple crystal is a type of quartz, with its colour being associated with elegance and wealth. 

However, it is also known to be calming and restorative. The stone, which works on the Third Eye and Crown chakras, purifies negative energy, declutters the mind, and helps with emotional regulation. 

It also has strong healing powers, creates stability, and connects spirituality with intellect and rationale. 


This crystal is particularly good for those who suffer from blood-related health problems, from anaemia to blood clots. 

Despite its name, bloodstone is actually a deep green colour dotted with red or orange spots. 

The crystal, which is otherwise known as heliotrope, is often smooth and rounded, making it durable and particularly suited to jewellery. 

It is thought to help with circulation problems, which are often exacerbated during the winter months. This is because the drop in temperature makes blood vessels contract, which means blood flow to feet and fingers is restricted.

Anyone who suffers from cold digits during the winter could try wearing bloodstone jewellery. 


Another crystal worth buying for the winter is jasper, which is also a type of quartz that has been intermixed with impurities. The result is a beautiful polished crystal, of which bloodstone is one variety.

It comes in many colours, including black, blue, grey, green, orange, purple, red, white, yellow and multicoloured. 

Jasper, which can be found in a huge number of countries across the world, is considered to have healing powers. 

In more tropical countries, people even believe it can protect against the bites of venomous creatures, such as snakes and scorpions. 

Therefore, there is a high chance it will be able to offer protection from the common cold during the winter months. 

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