Crystals with men in mind ... - Moon Charged Crystals

Crystals with men in mind ...

More and more men are starting to incorporate wellness into their daily lives. As a company ran by two women its easy for us to focus primarily on our crystals from a female perspective. With Fathers Day fast approaching, what better time to share our top tips for crystals with men in mind?!

Although men and women have different energies and resonate at different frequencies, the healing benefits of crystals can vary in strength however their properties will remain the same. It is important to note that both sexes will benefit equally from the healing power of crystals

Our favourite moon charged crystals, with men in mind ...

We have hand selected these crystals for their specific properties and the benefits they have towards masculine energy.

Smokey Quartz

This crystal is particularly suited to more masculine energy due to its ability to balance emotions and neutralise all negative energy. Men can suffer from the fear of failure and risk burning out through stress and overwork. This stone will help men to dissolve self limiting beliefs and accept responsibility for themselves. It also strengthens communication which can help reduce mood swings, anger and other negative thoughts


Lapis Lazuli

One of the most popular blue crystals, Lapis Lazuli stimulates mental function and focus. It is great for communication and perfect for those in positions of leadership/management. It will provide feelings of protection and invoke success, particularly with regards to work.

Green Tourmaline

Brings out the best in a man, provides self confidence, inner strength and opens up the heart chakra to all forms of love. Not just by way of allowing clearer pathways for romantic love but it helps the user find their passion regards making a living and their job. Green Tourmaline allows you to see everything from a place of love and ensure that self care is never put on the back burner!

Tigers Iron

A combination of tigers eye, hematite and red jasper, tigers iron is a powerful grounding stone. It combines the energies of all three of these stones; making this a great first crystal for men starting out in the world of crystal healing. It has a very calming energy which anchors you to earth providing strong feelings of stability, it also gives its user feelings of stamina, courage and strength.

Struggling to quit smoking/drinking? The stamina tigers iron nurtures provides the will power needed to overcome addiction. Allows you to push through challenges and accomplish goals. Men can sometimes have very volatile emotions and react to situations with heightened emotion, tigers iron will encourage men to take a step back and use reason and logic to overcome challenging situations.


Black Tourmaline

Cleanses the aura from all negative attachments, clears the mind of over thinking and stagnant energy. A protection stone, black tourmaline will shield you from external negative influence. Relieves anxiety and provides a sense of calm.


Another protection stone, this crystal protects the soul. Clearing away emotional damage and providing protection from the negative impact emotional trauma can have. Helps you face your fears, overcome anger and relieve anxiety. Will help you to face your demons allowing you to move onto your most positive path. 

If you work with electronics regularly, place a piece of obsidian on your desk to absorb electromagnetic radiation from your devices.



The Shaman crystal grid is also a great option for men. This crystal grid contains black tourmaline, kambaba jasper and smokey quartz. Placed in any room, The Shaman will absorb negative energy, cleanse and release back into the atmosphere, leaving you feeling positively charged! Helps to strengthen communication allowing you to let go and release anything which is weighing you down, learn more about The Shaman.


I hope that this post is a good starting point for the men out there beginning their journey into crystal healing. These crystals also make great gifts, if you want to give the gift of wellness to your loved ones, look no further, check out our Fathers Day collection!

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