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How to ... pair crystals. The basics.

As you become more familiar with crystals and their individual properties, you may want to start working with multiple crystals to "amp up" their power and harness more of their energy.

Much like a crystal grid uses multiple crystals in specific combinations, crystal pairing uses two or more crystals to achieve targeted crystal healing energy.

Pairing crystals for intention crystal healing

Ok, first off lets look at crystal pairs when setting intentions. When working with specific intentions it is important to allow the crystals time to work their magic; you need to allow at least a week of intentional work before you start to notice a change. When you work with two crystals the energy you need is amplified and so you may notice the effects more quickly.

Maybe you have been told about a last minute meeting and need a confidence booster, this is when pairing crystals comes into play...

"I am confident and articulate ..."

Think of the example given above; sometimes when you are ill prepared for an important meeting, you can get anxious, resulting in a lack of confidence, stumbling over your words and you may find that your input is misunderstood. We want to avoid this happening, we want to invite strength, confidence & clear communication into our aura.

carnelian and lapis lazuli

The crystals I recommend here are :
Carnelian & Lapis Lazuli

 Carnelian Lapis Lazuli

Sacral Chakra

Motivation & Endurance

Promotes leadership

Gives you courage to reach your goals

Throat Chakra

Speak truth with clarity

Promotes self-confidence, creativity and positive conversations


Whilst in your sacred space, speak your intention, in this case "I am confident and articulate" repeat this as long as you feel necessary; really focus on the words and envision your intention being true. When you feel like the universe has heard your message, tap your lapis lazuli & carnelian 3 times. This affirms your intention.

Carrying the stones with you is beneficial, periodically revisit your intention. Find a quiet space to be still and feel the crystal energise your aura with the confidence you are inviting in.

Pairing crystals for chakra healing

As an example here lets imagine a blocked heart chakra. The heart chakra is responsible for love and connection, a healthy heart chakra allows you to see everything from a place of love and kindness, allowing you to live a happy and free life.

Symptoms of a blockage in this chakra are:

- Being suspicious of others, particularly in friendships & romantic relationships
- Being overly critical towards yourself & others
- Unable to give or receive freely
- Shyness & Loneliness

When it comes to chakra healing with crystals, I advise using a crystal associated with the chakra you are working with which has properties targeted to the specific area you are wanting to balance. With the heart chakra, green crystals tend to be the most effective healing stones.

As an example, lets say, you are experiencing an extreme lack of trust towards other people, in particular, your significant other. This may be due to you holding on to negative attachments from past relationships where you may have been hurt.

green tourmaline and selenite

In this scenario I would recommend:
Green TourmalineSelenite

Green Tourmaline Selenite

Heart Chakra

Influences self love

Grounding & confidence boosting

Opens the heart to all forms of love

Calms, heals and balances the aura

Offers a lightness to your energy by removing all emotional blockages

Helps you adjust to difficult situations

Gentle protection 

When you are using crystals to balance the chakras follow these simple steps:

1. create a calm and comfortable space
2. lay down
3. place the crystals you are using over the chakra you are working with
4. visualise the energy of the crystal. In our example, we are using green tourmaline; imagine a green light shining from the crystal into your heart chakra and filling your aura with its light
5. take deep breaths and imagine the purifying energy of the stone entering your body, washing away negative attachments and filling you with love and light

Pairing crystals in the home

When you are placing crystals into your home, you need to think about the type of energy you are wanting to amplify. Do you have trouble communicating with loved ones? Is there high anxiety or tension? Stroppy teenagers? Or you may want to keep it simple and promote love and happiness.

My personal favourites for my home are smokey quartz and amethyst. Both these crystals are high vibration and both have many important healing properties which everyone can benefit from.

smokey quartz and amethyst
Smokey Quartz Amethyst

Neutralises and balances energy

A natural detoxifier

Promotes self esteem, personal pride and group activities

Enhances the joy of living

Opens the mind to learning and perception

Earth energy, grounding and stabilising

Relieves pain and tension

Blocks electromagnetic stresses

Enhances motivation and memory

Balances emotions

Attracts positivity

Cures insomnia

Overcome addictions and bad habits

Cultivates tranquility

The energies of these two powerhouse crystals combine beautifully, clearing and then protecting the environment around them. Together they bring out joy, strengthen relationships, promote calm and clear communication, strengthen trust and offer relief from anxiety, depression and addictions.

Smokey quartz allows you to "let go" of negative attachments and amethyst will attract positivity, making this crystal pairing very beneficial in the home, especially where there may be trauma to overcome, teenagers to bring back to centre or relationships which need to be strengthened.

I'd love to hear from you guys! Leave me a comment or send me a message, what are your favourite crystal pairings? 

As always, if you need help to find your perfect crystal combination, I am more than happy to help, get in touch!

Many Blessings

Emma x 


Be careful not to pair crystals with clashing energies as this will cancel out their power and can result in unwanted side effects! Be aware of the power of each crystal, as some energy can be overwhelming dependant on your birth chart or environment in which the crystals are placed. If you are unsure of a combination you are working with, leave a comment below and I will be happy to help!




  • Anwar

    Hi, I have a range of crystals and wanted to be certain they’re not clashing together; amethyst, selenite, blue, black and green kyanite, clear topaz, fushite, red jasper, clear quartz, pink calcite…

    are they good to keep together or should I separate any from the mix?

  • Cassandra

    I am just wondering if it is ok to have them all lay out together all the time or should there be seperation?

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