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Ways To Display Crystals In Your Home

Crystals are a beautiful addition to your home, whether you want to benefit from the energy giving properties, or just have a stunning display object to set off a room. To make the most of your crystals, here are some ideas about how to showcase your favourite stones to full effect!

Ways to display your crystals at home

Larger crystal pieces

How you display your crystals will be determined to some extent on the size and shape. While there’s no right or wrong way to go about it, you might want to consider displaying large and valuable crystals in a display case. This will keep them safe from dust and accidental damage.

You can also add back lighting or mirrors to the display case, to show off the play of light, colour and texture of the stone to full advantage from all angles. If you really want to make the crystal the centrepiece of the room, you could even set it on a pedestal, with either an open or enclosed glass top, depending on your preference. 

Ways to display your crystals at home
Smaller crystals

Smaller pieces can look wonderfully striking when displayed in a clear glass bowl, or a bowl in a complementary colour to the crystals. For example, a raw amethyst crystal would be set off strongly by a bowl with a green or yellow tint, and a blue celestite crystal would look brilliant in a bowl with bronze or warm wood colours. 

Some smaller crystals have holes drilled through them for wearing as pendants. They can also be threaded together on a flexible wire, to create a string of crystals which can be hung anywhere in the home. They look especially stunning hung near windows, as the light will play off the brilliance and beauty of each crystal.

Ways to display your crystals at home
Match them to the room

If you believe in the natural healing powers of crystals, you will be more interested in finding exactly the right location in your home to display them. 

Some people find that crystals can influence the balance and flow of energy in the home, keeping it a positive and welcoming place to be. The hallway is particularly important, because it functions as the central ‘artery’ of the home, and is linked to all the other channels. 

It is also the first place your visitors see, so the energy as well as the aesthetics matter. Hallways have limited display opportunities, but you could try installing floating shelves or a narrow console table for your crystals. 

In the living room or bedroom, crystals are best displayed on uncluttered surfaces, as when they are crowded with too many other objects, the natural balance of energy is disturbed. 

Crystals have been evolving in the earth over thousands of years, and they have a harmony with other natural materials. Therefore, a side table or coffee table topped with marble or wood will provide the perfect surface to display your crystal on. Choose the colour and texture of the surface to contrast pleasingly with the colour of your crystal.  


Ways to display your crystals at home

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