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What is a sacred space and how do I make one?

You may have heard us talking about "sacred space" here at Moon Charged Crystals, todays post we discuss what exactly a sacred space is and our tips and tricks on how to create one of your own!

So, what is a sacred space? 

If you are unfamiliar with the term sacred space, then your mind may jump straight to the assumption that a sacred space must be a religious practice, yet thats not the case...


A sacred place is first of all a defined place, a space distinguished from other spaces. The rituals that people either practice at a place or direct toward it mark its sacredness and differentiate it from other defined spaces 


regarded as too valuable to be interfered with

A sacred space is not necessarily for a religious practice, you can be non religious, religious or anything in-between and still have your own personal sacred space.

A sacred space is a space you can use to unplug, meditate, relax, unwind and reflect, to name a few! Having a designated space in your home for private reflection is essential for a balanced mind and spirit and is a perfect way to practice mindfulness and encourage inner healing; even if you only spend a few minutes there a day. 

Setting aside a space purposefully for meditation and rituals will help you make an emotional and physical connection to these practices, in turn you will become more successful in committing to your intention. The space will serve as a reminder to spend some time to yourself and to be mindful of your intentions.

Its worth noting that you may hear a sacred space being referred to as an alter or spiritual space

For the purposes of this post, I am going to share my tips and tricks on how to create a sacred space for the purposes of mindfulness, meditation and relaxation. If you want to go ahead and add in any deities you'd like to honor, go ahead!

For me, my sacred space acts as a place I can switch off, reflect and connect with my highest self; this space is purely for me to use and isn't shared with the rest of my household. When you are creating your space ensure to have a discussion with other members of your household and set your expectations

Where should my space be?

A sacred space differs from person to person. This is because what one person finds meaningful/relaxing will different to another.

A few things to remember:

  • ensure your space is uncluttered and unlikely to have you interrupted or startled in your practice - it can be very hard to fully relax if you anticipate being interrupted by another person!
  • ensure it is a quiet area of the home, away from kids rooms/busy communal areas/associations with stressful chores, i.e. paying bills etc
  • if free space is limited, be creative! Is there a space that is never used? Or could you create a space you can move easily to a suitable space?
  • Some create a sacred space in the bath, whilst enjoying a moon bath

    What do I put into the space? 

    This is entirely up to you! It can be as simple or elaborate as you want it to be. 

    You should feel a connection to your space, therefore it makes sense to have items in your space that you feel connected to. A huge tip would be to use items you already own - these items will have some degree of meaning to you, go on a treasure hunt around your home!

    An amazing tip I was told when I was learning about sacred space, was to involve all your senses. This makes the whole experience in your space more sensory, really helping the mind to switch off and relax.

    What do you love to touch/smell/taste/hear?

    Think about:

    • what are you sat on, the floor? Could you make it more comfortable by using a pillow covered in your favourite textured case, silk/cotton/velvet?
    • do you have a favourite scent that relaxes you? Is this a candle, oil or incense?
    • Have a beverage with you in your space, you may be there a while! A great recommendation is flavoured teas, or simply water, warm or cold. I like to use flavoured teas and pair the flavours to the intention I am working on (more about this coming soon)
    • Sound. This is important; you may prefer a silent space however I find it easier to relax with some quiet background music. This is to help block out external noise you may not be able to control. Some of my favourite playlists are, Solfeggio Healing Frequencies, peaceful piano, peaceful retreat, nature sounds - you can find so many options on Spotify - why not share you favourites in the comments below!

      Still struggling on what to put in your space? 

      Some great examples would be: 

      • Crystals
      • Plants
      • Candles
      • Postcards
      • Vision Boards
      • Incense
      • Oils
      • Bells
      • Journal and pen

        OK, I've chosen my space, I've decorated it, now what?

        Well really you're ready to go ahead and start using your space but I would recommend you cleanse the space of any lingering energy. This will allow you to set an intention for the space, free from any stuck energy; you don't want anything interfering with the energy you are cultivating. You can learn about burning sage here.

        How long/often should I be using my space?

        You should use your space everyday but how long for is entirely up to how much time you have. Anytime you can spend there is beneficial, whether its 5mins before you leave the house or an 1 hour before bed!

        Remember, this is your space. It can evolve with you - change up your decorations through the seasons/as you change intentions/as your spiritual practise develops

        My sacred space is a small corner of my bedroom, a place undisturbed by others, where I can fully relax and unwind. What I place in my space is very minimal, I have a white scented candle, the scent of which changes dependant on my intention - you will find intention spells in our product descriptions. As an example:

        If I were to be working on the intention of learning to love myself and invite love and kindness into my life in all forms. I would write my intention onto a piece of paper and place in my space under a piece of rose quartz.
        The candle I have displayed may be scented with roses, symbolic of love and the tea I may drink during my time in my sacred space may also be rose flavoured.
        I like to keep my space minimal but dependant on my feeling at the time and using my intuition I may add other items into my space, in this instance, I may choose to have a fresh rose from the garden in some water.

        That about concludes our tips and tricks for creating a sacred space! Hopefully you have learnt something knew or discovered something you would like to try in your own space.

        Use our comments section to share your own sacred space tips and tag us on Instagram in your pictures! 

        Many Blessings

        Emma - Co-Founder MCC


        • Vicki

          This is great for people (like me) who didn’t really know where to start with crystals. So informative and helpful! It’s a great time to be focusing on mental wellbeing and I’ve found this blog has been a perfect starting point for me. It’s left me wanting to learn a whole lot more!

        • George

          Love this ! We all definitely need a sacred space ! So important for mental well-being and for all round happiness ! Love the tips in this post about how to create one and I’ll definitely be taking this onboard! During this tome it’s so important to look after ourselves and our wellbeing and this is such a great way of doing it love this !

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