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What Is Moss Agate?

When it comes to crystals and gemstones, one of the most enduringly popular choices has to be moss agate… and it’s certainly not hard to see why! It really is a very beautiful stone, stunning with its deep green shades and marbling effects. 

Gaze at the stone for long enough and it’s almost as if you’re deep in the forest, surrounded by beautiful nature and feeling more at one with the earth. It’s perhaps unsurprising that so many people say what a calming effect this semi-precious gemstone has on them.

One very common use for this little stone is grounding, a therapeutic technique that’s becoming more and more popular at the moment. Grounding involves connecting to the natural energy of the earth by walking and standing barefoot on the ground, grass, sand or rock.

Some believe that grounding (or earthing, as it’s also referred to) brings all sorts of benefits, such as reducing chronic pain, easing inflammation and improving the symptoms of inflammation-related disorders, increasing energy, improving sleep and reducing stress.

If you’re keen to put the theory to the test, you can also potentially achieve a similar grounding effect through the use of moss agate. This kind of meditation can help you feel more deeply connected to the earth - and it couldn’t be easier to give it a try.

Stand barefoot outside, either on the ground or on the grass, while holding your moss agate stone and imagine you have a beam of light that’s flowing through your feet and down into the earth. Then imagine it circling back up through the crown of your head and then back down into the earth.

You can also use moss agate in chakra rituals and the stone is associated with the heart chakra, with the potential to stabilise the aura and get rid of any negative energy.

It’s thought that moss agate can help resolve blockages in the heart chakra and bring it back into balance, helping you gain a clearer understanding of your own emotions.

A ritual bath is another great way to connect meaningfully with your moss agate stone. All you need to do is run a relaxing bath, complete with some of your favourite essential oils, and sink into the water, placing your moss agate in the middle of your chest (your heart chakra). 

As you breathe in the delicious scent of your essential oils, imagine that the stone is a comforting blanket of deep green moss and that the water is a hand, cradling your body and making you feel protected, safe and nurtured. You’re sure to sleep well after such a relaxing bath!

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