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What's wrong? I have a crystal for that!

With so many gorgeous stones available, it can be hard to find the one you are looking for. Often you are intuitively drawn to your new crystal companion, it is said that this is your spirit guiding you toward the crystal healing properties you need at that time.

With this being said sometimes you want a stone for a specific purpose, here are my absolute must haves 

Headaches ... 

We all get them, and they suck. Personally, I try not to take paracetamol unless absolutely necessary, instead I head to my natural first aid kit.

How I combat my headaches:

Amethyst. Amethyst is known for its relaxing properties, its the tranquilliser of the crystal world. Amethyst is great for pain relief in general but particularly good for relieving headaches; this is because of its ability to soothe stress and combat fatigue. Simply lay down and place some tumbled amethyst where you feel the headache. 

soothing space

When I am suffering a particularly bad headache, I like to create a soothing space to relax in. I darken my room, mist the room with a calming scent, (I love the calm spray by @serenityapothecary) sometimes I cover my eyes with a sleep mask and then lay down, placing my amethyst where I need it. Focus on your breath and inhale calm, exhale your pain. Usually, 20 mins or so later my headache has gone, if you fall asleep in the process even better!

Warding off colds ...

Ok, so sometimes we catch a cold, and you may be a little dubious in believing that a stone can help protect against illness; but I practise this next ritual and I get colds very rarely.

How I protect my immune system:

There are a couple of crystals you can use to strengthen the immune system, my go to choice, bloodstone. Bloodstone may not be the most eye-catching stone but my goodness its powerful! Bloodstone purifies the system, removing toxins and pollutants from your body and aura. Bloodstone will ward off colds, flu and will revitalise your system; providing renewed energy and endurance. 

Simply carry bloodstone on your person to help protect your immune system. Tumbled stones are great but you can also find bloodstone bracelets and necklaces 


I do recommend you use bloodstone alongside other natural remedies such as, burning sage in your home and body, drinking plenty of water and herbal teas, and eating vitamin/mineral rich foods.

Ladies, did you know?
Bloodstone is also a great aid during the time of the month, as it stabilises hormonal imbalances and relieves symptoms of PMS. Simply lay comfortably and place your bloodstone tumble stone where you feel the pain, after half an hour or so you will find the discomfort eased

Protecting my vibe ...

Sometimes everyday stuff can happen that puts us in a bad mood, like someone else's bad driving, or a rude person in a queue? I don't know about you but I'm not nurturing my vibe to have someone waltz in a take it away! For this we need citrine.

Citrine is an extremely uplifting and positive stone, it will instantly boost your mood and help you overcome conflict with ease. It helps you to bounce back from knock backs and helps encourage resilience to criticism and challenging scenarios. If you are sensitive to your environment, citrine will help protect your joy and abundance; giving you health, wealth and happiness. Like vitamin D for the soul!

citrine and amethyst

I like to use citrine as part of a crystal grid to harness its maximum power, but carrying a piece of raw citrine (or wearing it as jewellery) is also beneficial, particularly when using to protect your aura. 

Citrine is also known for stimulating creativity, so for those who work in arts/music/cooking or any career where creativity is a focus, citrine is your perfect companion!

My superpower ...

Sometimes a little bit of support is all we need to to feel confident and powerful. Carnelian is my secret weapon and my closest crystal companion. She is a crystal I use daily, I wear a carnelian bracelet and I carry my beautiful palm stone along wherever I go. Why? I'll tell you but it's our little secret ... 

You may know carnelian as a powerful energy booster, and this is true, she is extremely revitalising and stimulating (she makes a great booster in morning meditation), this is because carnelian harnesses the power of the sun, burning strong and powerful energy.


However I use carnelian because it pairs perfectly with my own energy. I do suggest that it is great for women as a whole as it harnesses and supports feminine energy. It provides creativity, confidence and passion; whether it be needed in regards to your career or your love life. On days where you just feel unmotivated or plain old down and out, carnelian will give you the strength to face your fears, pull out hidden talents, all the while easing tension and stress.

Carnelian gives me confidence and support when I need it most, with the added benefit of stimulating passions and inner most desires ...

Sounds pretty good doesn't it? 

Carnelian is linked to the sacral and solar plexus chakras, meaning this is another crystal in my arsenal that can help heal monthly cramps and PMS

And an all rounder ... 

Clear Quartz. The ultimate healing crystal, restores energy and unblocks the entire chakra system. Amplifying the properties of the other crystals in your kit, clear quartz embodies the pure white light of the universe, healing you from top to toe! 

Clear Quartz will keep you going, giving you an energy boost when your feeling fatigued or unmotivated. Think of it as a super smoothie, feeding your soul with antioxidants, increasing energy and focus.

I keep clear quartz in the communal areas of my home, to promote clear communication and healthy attachments. I also use clear quartz in many crystal grids and pair it with other crystals to amplify and supercharge their properties.

my crystal kit

So there you have it, 5 crystals I use daily. I use these stones as part of my rituals, meditations, home decor and I have at least 2 of them on me at all times!

I hope you found this interesting, I love hearing about the favourite crystal choices of other people, share some of your favourites in the comments, I'd love to hear from you guys!

Many Blessings,
Emma x

Just a little disclaimer, I am not a doctor, if you are suffering with any injuries/ailments/mental issues, consult your doctor for medical advice.

Crystal healing is a spiritual practise and I always advise consulting your doctor about any serious or ongoing health issues, let them know you are working with crystals, as they can work alongside medication as well as be used as an alternative healing option


  • Crystal Lee

    Found out more about the healing properties and benefits of rose quartz from Takanta’s guide. It’s now my personal fave crystal <3

  • Pauline

    Thank you for your information on your crystal, as a newby to Crystals im not sure what is best for what but im just drawn to them , i feel like child in a sweet shop as the saying goes when i see them, but i would like to know how to work with them to get the best from having them around my self and my family.

  • Erica Collins

    Hi Em,

    I’m looking for something to sit on my bedroom windowsill to aid with relaxation and to look pretty too! Xxx

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