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Why Ethically Sourced Crystals Matter

Whether you are focused on meditation and healing, collecting birthstones or even simply acquiring jewellery, crystals will have a deep appeal. Their colour and beauty is there to be enjoyed by all, even for those who do not regard them as having deeper powers.

Whatever the reason for obtaining crystals to start with, many will be very keen to buy ethically sourced crystals. As in so many cases when it comes to imported goods, all too often the items we import from overseas have come from developing countries where low pay, poor and dangerous working conditions and even criminal behaviour have been serious concerns.

In the past one might have turned a blind eye to events going on far away, but in a world where we can travel far and wide and gain abundant knowledge of what life is like for others, such blissful ignorance is no longer an option for ethical people. The good news, however, is that there are many ethical gem and crystal suppliers out there - and we ensure all our products come from them.

Among the most prominent gem-producing countries out there are places like Sri Lanka, which provides plenty of local employment and has very little heavy industrial mining. Mining by hand is, of course, much kinder on the environment, another ethical consideration. 

Africa is also very prominent for its gem mining, with countries like South Africa and Botswana dominating the diamond sector and Nigeria and Madagascar being most prominent for Sapphires.

Of course, diamonds and sapphires are mainly used in jewellery rather than meditation, but Africa is another of those parts of the world where the importance of ethical mining gets a lot of attention, but where practices on the ground often fall short.

Not all gems in Britain come from overseas. Indeed there are some, like Blue John in Derbyshire, that are all but unique to this country.

But wherever crystals come from, buyers can be reassured that we will only stock those that have been acquired with the fullest regard paid to the environment and the rights of the people who mine them.

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