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Palo Santo

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Fill your space with positive energy and prepare for a fresh start by lighting this gorgeous etched Palo Santo.  Inscribed with encouraging affirmations, it'll help you set an intention and release anything no longer serving you.

Native to South America, Palo santo (Bursera graveolens) is a tree that can be found in dry tropical forests and is known for its distinct, fragrant scent. The name itself literally means "holy wood" in Spanish,  Palo Santo wood, resin, and oil being employed in sacred rituals and healing for thousands of years. Ancient traditions encourage burning Palo Santo for releasing old, negative energies that might be clouding your well-being.

Ignite the etched Palo Santo stick and move the fragrant smoke around your space in a clockwise direction to clear away stagnant energy.

Before the next full moon, give your crystals a much-needed cleanse using the above-mentioned technique. Be sure to circle the  Palo Santo smoke in a clockwise direction to 'clean' the energy of the stone.   While burning your etched Palo Santo stick, envision a bright white lighteliminating negative energy and replacing it with positive, high-vibrational energy.

How to cleanse your crystals with this Etched Palo Santo stick !