Crystal Family

Crystals come in all different forms and shapes. The crystal's shape is important for creating an energy flow between different crystals in a grid, it also determines the speed and frequency of the energy flow.


Amorphous/ raw


Crystals emit high-energy in many different directions. Raw stones are best for changing a room's energy vibe.





The stones' corners and edges hold energy and stabilize it. This shape is best to work with when you need grounding.




Square Bases produce harmony and focussed energy up to the tip of a pyramid. These shapes are great for focus and working with higher powers.

Tumbled / Circular 

Emits energy in a circular motion around its soft sides. Usually releases slower energy that can be amplified when in contact with amorphous crystals. This shape is best for chakra work as it mirrors the spiralling energy flow of your meridian points.


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