Moon Bath Ritual

Moon bath rituals can be very simple, the most important factor is that you take the time to indulge in your self care. We recommend that you have a monthly moon bath ritual on the full moon, if you can open a window to let the moonlight in all the better.

Moon Bath

Preparing your bathroom with crystals, sage, candles and incense will help enhance the experience and promote well being and happiness. Using Himalayan salt to cleanse your body also helps to clear away negative attachments, detoxing the mind body and spirit.

Follow this simple guide and enjoy your own Moon ritual bath:

Simply light a candle and draw a nice warm bath. Apply the Moon Bath Bar to dampened skin* and soak for 20-30 minutes.  As you are bathing you can meditate, listen to soothing music, read a spiritually uplifting book or magazine or simply lie there enjoying the peace and solitude! The salts also encourage the body to let go of any toxins, help your muscles relax and give you a dose of essential trace minerals directly through your skin.

You can also add a crystal to the water to aid with the detoxification process or to encourage certain vibrations to step in and replace the negative ones. **Please see caution below about crystals and water. 

Once the 20-30 minutes are up, take the plug out but stay in the bath until all the water has gone down the plughole. While the water is draining away, focus on imagining all the negative energy swirling away, returning to mother earth to be neutralised.

Once the bath is empty you can pop on some cozy pyjamas and go to bed. As you sleep you may sweat as your body releases even more stored toxins. If you prefer, you can have a cool shower straight after your bath and go about your day feeling relaxed and purified.

For best results use once a month or even once a week, or during particularly trying times. With regular use, you’ll start to sense when your aura needs a cleanse and you’ll intuitively know when it’s time to take a ritual bath!

**Not all crystals are safe to put in water. Some crystals such as selenite will dissolve and a small minority such as kambaba jasper can release toxic material into the water. Always check before adding a crystal to water! If in doubt, Google!  Some crystal suggestions for your Moon Bath are Smokey Quartz - help with releasing negative emotion and energy.  Rose Quartz - to promote love and high vibrational energy. Tourmaline - for grounding and release of deeply stored negative energy.

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