Crystal Spotlight ... Selenite - Moon Charged Crystals

Crystal Spotlight ... Selenite

Selenite, named after the Greek goddess of the moon, is one of our favourite crystals here at MCC. Selenite truly is beautiful, like the moon, it reflects light, the silvery ethereal appearance of this crystal reminds us of the white light of the universe

Much like the moon has influence over the oceans of earth, selenite influences our emotions with wave like energy. Powerfully peaceful and incredibly purifying, Selenite clears emotional blockages within the chakra system, leaving you feeling lighter and with a higher state of awareness.

Selenite has many uses within crystal healing. Lets talk about meditation

I am a huge lover of meditation, I practise daily and encourage others in my life to do the same. 

Using Selenite Stacking Stones is great way to practice mindfulness, an essential skill for mental wellbeing. Guided meditation is a fantastic entry way into the practise and is how I began my journey, I will be writing a post focussing on meditation next week.

Selenite in meditation is very powerful. Personally, I recommend placing Selenite above the third eye chakra. Selenite connects the third eye and crown chakras, providing a pathway for universal light to flow through your entire energy system.

Moon Charged Tip:
Envision the white light of the universe shining directly into the crystal and through your crown chakra, gently washing away negative attachments and emotional blockages as it travels, finally reaching the root chakra and grounding your auric body. You feel pure and light and full of positivity.

More experienced practitioners will notice a higher state of awareness and a connection to a higher consciousness. For this reason, Selenite is often recommended when tuning in with spirit or your angel guides.

crystal ball 

Reaching this deep meditation can be very powerful for the soul, you may find a feeling of liberation and a loss of inhibitions. Selenite is a very good transmitter and will allow you to ask your questions to your guides clearly and honestly, it is for this reason that selenite is a popular crystal ball.

The higher state of consciousness achieved during this meditation will allow you to be more receptive to messages and symbols you may see. You will notice mental clarity and a stronger memory through meditation with this crystal, with added benefits of problem solving. 

Use Selenite to cleanse your other crystals

Not only is Selenite a powerful stone for cleansing the chakra system, it can also be used to cleanse other crystals. Laying other crystals on top of a selenite slab or in a selenite dish overnight will cleanse any stuck energy they may be holding onto, bringing them back to their natural state. 

Did you know Selenite is known for its protective ability?

Placing Selenite in your home creates a protective shield against external negative influences. Placed in doorways and by windows will create a protective grid of peace and protection around the home.

Some other uses for Selenite

- have a more restful sleep by placing in the bedroom
- stabilise emotions, allows you to feel calm and tranquil
- balance the strong emotion of the Taurus with this stone
- enhances psychic awareness
- balances feminine emotions
- improves flexibility, physically and mentally
- magnifies the energy of other stones
- stronger intuitive ability
Selenite is only scored 2 on the Mohs scale of hardness, so don't get it wet!

And that is why we love selenite! You can find our full selenite collection here

I was thinking of making a crystal spotlight series, what crystal would you like to learn the deeper meaning of, comment below!

Many Blessings



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