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Cleanse and charge your crystals

Why's is it important to cleanse and charge your crystals?

The power of the moon has been long synonymous with crystal healing.  People say that when moonlight touches a crystal, it activates it's healing properties and transmits abundant positivity to all who use it.

Moon charging is the most common method for improving the energy of your crystals, but it is just as important to cleanse your crystals to remove any stagnant energy, sometimes considered bad ju-ju.  

Caring for your crystals is so important because using stones for healing purposes is extremely powerful and you want to ensure you are working with the purest form of energy. 

Stagnant energy can build up with the crystals, just like it can within your energy body. When you are feel a buildup of tension, you don't function as effectively as you would normally, the same goes for your crystals. 

Crystals absorb and release energy so it is crucial to cleanse crystals regularly to avoid stagnant energy build-up hindering your healing process. 

There are a number of different ways to cleanse crystals, here are some of the most popular techniques

1. Smoke cleanse:

This is a very popular way to cleanse your crystals. The purifying smoke removes any energetic residue. You should always cleanse your crystals before you charge them. 

Some crystal healing enthusiasts use candles or herb bundles. You can also use a bowl of mixed resins and herbs.   Sage, rosemary and myrrh make a beautiful blend. Many shamanic healers use sage or palo Santo sticks.  You should move the smoke around in a clockwise direction to cleanse the stone. 

Cleanse and charge your crystals | Moon Charged Crystals

2. Cleansing with sound

Sound healing is a great way to uplift your crystals' energy. It is believed that crystals align very well with the frequency of the sound. A lot of spiritual practitioners use a traditional singing bowl, but you can also download healing frequency sounds from Youtube.  My favourite healing frequency is 432 hz, the universal frequency of harmony and peace. 

Not sure which sound to use?  Take a minute to close your eyes and listen to a few frequencies, or uplifting music.  Hold your stomach can you feel what sound resonates with you?   *the stomach is a very intuitive part of our body.  Have you ever had a gut reaction, or felt something in your waters

3. Cleansing with selenite

Selenite symbolises the power of the moon beautifully because selenite attracts the pure white light of the universe and is thought to be one of the most sacred stones on earth. Selenite has a very rejuvenating energy, making it the perfect crystal to cleanse other crystals.  

Selenite is easy to work with, find a scared space, preferably in direct moonlight like a window sill.  Place your crystals next to a piece of selenite, or make a crystal grid that encases your other crystals within, and leave them there overnight to charge up.   

You can use this cleansing technique at any time of the month, but the best time to do so is on the last night of the moon's cycle, the night before the new moon.  The waxing moon invites us to let go of old energies so we can welcome in fresh changes with the new moon.

Cleanse and charge your crystals | Moon Charged Crystals

Charging your crystals 

Charging crystals is simply a process of transferring energy from natural sources to stones. No effort is actually required on your part as the crystals naturally attract energy from the sun, moon and the earth.  

Charging is not only beneficial for small crystals used as energy healing tools but it also improves the energy flow of crystal specimens on display. By charging up your large display crystals regularly, you can improve the energy in your home and keep the atmosphere harmonious and high vibe.

Consider the healing process as a transference of energy.  Each crystal emits energy in a different way so by learning the properties of each stone you can use the energy of the crystal to best suit your needs and become a confident #crystalwitch.   

Check out our four favourite charging techniques…

1. Moon water

The process here is so easy and can be used to cleanse and energise your crystals at the same time.  Nature's water, like rainwater, stream water or ocean water, is known to neutralise negative energy.

First, you have to make your moon water. 

On the night of the new moon, place a glass container outside to catch rainwater as it falls.  Or fill the container with water (seawater is fantastic if you can get it) and place it outside or on a window sill.  Leave it there until the full moon. The night after the full moon, the water will be charged and you can store it away for whenever you need it.

Sprinkle a little bit of moon water on your crystals before use. Not only does it cleanse, but also recharges your crystals with healing and uplifting energy.

This gentle charging technique is great for those using their crystals for chakra healing or meditation.    

Cleanse and charge your crystals | Moon Charged Crystals



This method is only suited to hard crystals, such as quartz, amethyst and tigers.   Just be careful, stones that are too soft can be damaged by water! 

As a general rule of thumb:  avoid crystals ending in 'ite,' such as calcite, kyanite, hematite etc.

Another way to know if your crystals are safe for water is by using the stone's hardness score. Using the Mohs hardness scale, any crystal scoring below 5 should not get wet.

2. Bury your crystals in the earth

Some crystal healing enthusiasts like to bury their crystals in the ground for a whole moon cycle.  At MCC we find that charging up your crystals for two nights during the full moon can work a treat. 

Find a small area outside to bury your crystals, or you can use an indoor planter. Arrange your crystals in the hole and cover them with dirt. Plant a little marker for when you come back to find them. Keep in mind that some crystals aren't suitable for water and therefore shouldn't be used. Please refer to the guide above.

Cleanse and charge your crystals | Moon Charged Crystals

3. A quick sun charge

For the crystal witch on the go sun charging is a great way to energise your crystals quickly.  Hold your crystal high in the sky or leave it in direct sunlight for 10 minutes. The sun's energy is known to be fast moving so it can power your crystals faster than the moon. The sun's cycle is 24 hours compared to the monthly movement of the moon.  

Traditionally, crystal healing experts use this charging technique for manifestation. Crystals like (clear, spirit and smokey) quartz, carnelian, sunstone, tiger's eye and amber are very powerful tools for manifesting your dreams.  They are also all associated with the action-packed energy of the sun. Before setting your intention, or making a wish, hold one of these power crystals up to the sun for a little energy boost.

Cleanse and charge your crystals | Moon Charged Crystals

*Be careful not to leave any crystals in the sunlight for too long as they can fade in the light.  

4. Full moon charging

The most popular and widely accepted technique for charging your crystals is a traditional moon charge. The full moon marks the peak of the moon’s illumination, and this powerful moonlight is considered to be full of high vibrational energy that will charge your crystals up to their full healing capacity.  

Traditionally, it is recommended to cleanse your crystals and leave them in the direct moonlight all night long. If you have a specific crystal healing purpose for any of your stones, you can prepare them by setting an intention.

For example, maybe you want to use a piece of rose quartz for a love spell. As you lay your crystal out to charge, set your intention by saying, “I attract pure love!”

Cleanse and charge your crystals

After your crystals have charged under the moonlight you can place them in a prominent spot and let the healing vibes transform the energy in your home. At MCC, we cleanse all our stones with palo santo and sound healing and then charge them under the full moon.  Because stones can absorb negative energy from their surroundings we nurture our crystals and charge them up with high vibrations before they make their journey to you! 

Why not read about our moon charged formula?

Moon Charged tip:  If you start to feel a build-up of stagnant energy within yourself, why not try a moon bath ritual? Just like your crystals, you too can do with a regular cleanse and recharge. If you’re starting to feel a build-up of frustrated energy in yourself, why not use crystals and salt to rejuvenate you... mind, body and soul

As always, thank you for reading, comment below to share your favourite ways to cleanse and charge your crystals, I'd love to hear from you!


Want to learn more about setting intentions, moon manifesting, chakra healing and crystal healing… check out our blog, It's a high vibe thing!!



  • Heather Hagerty

    A great read. I’m going to bury some in the sand here in Costa Rica. I just did a moon charge. With my small collection and 4 selenite small towers.

  • Hannah

    when I was a kid I was very drawn to an amethyst crystal but didn’t believe in the healing and spiritual side of crystals and I severely mistreated and disrespected it and am now try to heal and reform my bond with it but don’t know where to start do you have any tips for how I start this process?

  • Toni

    Is it safe to cleanse and charge under the “red blood moon” does it make a difference or not?

  • Julie Pruet

    Do you get the same effect charging in the window sill on a fulll moon? Even if it is not facing the moonlight ? It is expected to storm very hard tonight

  • Ca DOWN

    I live in Ireland. There are few places to leave crystals over night where they are in the moonlight and not going to get wet.

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