A beginners guide ... Cleansing & Charging crystals

When using crystals for healing purposes it is important to remove any built up energy they are holding. Crystals absorb and release energy so it is important to cleanse crystals regularly to avoid negative energy build up impacting your healing process.
There are several different ways to cleanse crystals, here are my favourites methods that I find effective and hassle free
First up, water...

This method is super simple, natural water (as in rain water/a stream/ocean) neutralises negative energy and returns it to the earth. 

How to?

1. use a glass container to collect rain water as it falls

2. when you have obtained enough water place your stones into a sieve or colander and pour the water over them

3. if you are lucky enough to live by the sea, place your stones into a mesh bag and allow the water to wash over them

4. if you live in dryer climates, use tap water to wash over your

all of these options should be done for as long as you feel is needed for your crystals, let your intuition guide you

This method is only suited to hard crystals, such as most types of quartz, amethyst and tigers eye however there are other crystals you can cleanse using this method, just be careful, stones that are too soft can be damaged by water!

As a general rule of thumb I avoid using the water method for crystals ending in 'ite,' such as calcite, kyanite, hematite etc.

Another way to know if your crystals are safe for water is by using the stones hardness score. Using the Mohs hardness scale, any crystal scoring below 5 should avoid water.

Mohs Hardness scale:
A scale by which hardness of stones and minerals are scored, the harder the crystal is the higher it scores.
The scale goes 1-10, 1 being the softest and 10 being the hardest

As with anything, there are exceptions to this guide, if unsure, contact us and we can help you!

Next on my list, Selenite!

Selenite , named after the moon, selenite harbours the pure white light of the universe and is thought to be one of the most sacred stones on earth. Selenite is known for its rejuvenating power, making it the perfect crystal to cleanse and recharge your stones.

Selenite is an amazing crystal and one of our favourites here at MCC. It is an extremely purifying stone and has the ability to absorb and neutralise unwanted energy and recharge your crystals with a high vibration. This method of cleansing is a popular choice due to the ability to recharge stones at the same time. 


How to?

Lay your crystals on selenite for a minimum of 6 hours, but the longer the better. I personally recommend that you leave the crystals for 24 hours, this is to allow them to receive maximum metaphysical power

Finally, our inspiration, Moonlight!
Moonlight will cleanse and charge your crystals. Although you can use sunlight to cleanse and charge your crystals, moonlight is more delicate. Sunlight can possibly discolour some stones if left out too long, whereas you don't have this concern when you use moonlight. This method is particularly effective during the full moon.

How to?

1. Cleanse your crystals first, using sage, sound healing or salt.

2. Lay your crystals out somewhere dry outside (be certain to keep them away from water, if you have wet weather leave them by a window in the moonlight)

3. Leave your stones outside all night and bring them back in doors at dawn

We recommend that you cleanse your stones regularly, the more often you practise with a particular stone, the more often it should be cleansed. As for charging, I recommend to charge your stones at every full moon, as mentioned, the more you use a crystal the more often it needs to be cleansed and then charged, for these stones I like to use selenite

At MCC we cleanse all of our stones using sound healing and then charge them under the full moon, this is because stones can absorb negative energy from their surroundings. We nurture our crystals and fill them with high vibrations before they make their journey to you! Why not read about our moon charged formula?

We do recommend that crystals you receive are cleansed prior to use, however the full moon charge means they are already holding maximum energetic power

Caring for your crystals is super important, using crystals for healing purposes is extremely powerful and you want to ensure you are receiving the purest form of energy. Stagnant energy can build up with the crystals, just like it can with your energy body. When you are feeling a low mood, or a buildup of tension, you don't function as effectively as you would do normally, the same goes for your crystals.

Moon Charged tip:If you do start to feel a build of stagnant energy within yourself, why not try our Moon Bath ritual?

As always, thank you for reading, comment below to share your favourite ways to cleanse and charge your crystals, I'd love to hear from you!

Many blessings, 



  • Mireya Turner

    What crystals are best to cleanse in the moonlight ? Or can you charge all kinds of crystals in moonlight ?

  • Zoe

    Can you over-cleanse or charge crystals? Also, is it bad if I don’t bring my stones back in at dawn after charging them in a full moon?

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