Full Moon Manifesting - Moon Charged Crystals

Full Moon Manifesting

The Virgo full moon is an excellent opportunity to focus on your ambitions and what you can do to bring them to fruition. 

With Virgo's focus on work, health, and structure, it reminds us that the biggest transformations often occur when we dedicate ourselves to small mindful adjustments in our everyday routines. Virgo's influence can lend its strength to cultivating a healthier lifestyle, one that encompasses mental, physical, and spiritual wellbeing. Journalling? Yoga class? Chakra healing once week? Whatever new habit you want to incorporate into your regular routine work with a crystal to set your intention.

Virgo Full Moon

Did you know you can use a crystal to manifest your dream life?

Manifestation is when you attract something into existence through the power of your mind. The trick to manifestation is simple, you just need to truly believe that you deserve to have your most amazing dreams come true. 

Being an expert manifestor is, for some people, a process. Begin your manifestation journey by focusing on the small wins, like a convenient parking spot or a seat on a busy train.  Once you start seeing evidence of some smaller wishes come true, you’ll be ready to give big manifestations a go.

Setting your intention

for every day, little manifestations 

Using the power of intention is a simple practice that can be incorporated into your everyday life. The real trick to setting an intention is seeing it through.  You must not let negative thinking hold you back.  Easier said than done right?  That is why crystal work can be an excellent support tool for self work.

Choose a crystal you feel drawn to, set your intention by speaking to the crystal.  Just hold your precious gemstone and whisper your wish. Carry your crystal with you so it can be a constant reminder of your mission statement.

Moon cycle manifestation

for big manifestations

You can use the moon’s cycle to support your big manifestations.  You need to start on the new moon and everyday of the 28 day moon cycle set your intention on a specific wish.

On the night of the new moon you place your crystals in a prominent place in your home, maybe somewhere in the moonlight like a windowsill.  Every night until the full moon repeat your intention and see what magic manifests!

If you are rooting around your crystal collection tonight looking for gemstones to charge, pick crystals associated with Virgo to make the most of the moon’s energy:

Moss agate, garnet, malachite, ruby, rhodonite, and chrysocolla


Virgo Full Moon


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