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"I have a crystal for that": How to harness the power of crystals for healing

Do you feel like there is something missing in your life? Are you looking for a natural remedy for emotional and physical healing? If so, crystal healing may be the answer. Crystals have been used for centuries to restore balance, reduce stress, and boost energy levels. In this blog post, we will explore how to invoke your inner crystal witch and harness the power of crystals for healing. We will discuss the different types of crystals, their properties, and the best practices for using them.  So, if you are feeling down or out of balance, look no further! I have a crystal for that.


Choose the right crystal

When it comes to choosing the right crystal for your healing practice, there are many things to consider. Depending on the specific purpose you want your crystal to serve, you may want to focus on a certain type of crystal or look into its history and associated meaning. Crystals are believed to have powerful energetic properties that can help manifest desired changes in your life, as well as aid in chakra healing.

If you are new to crystal healing you can simply use your intuition. When selecting a crystal, pay close attention to how you feel when holding it. A crystal may draw your attention due to its aesthetic appeal, but also take into account how it makes you feel physically and emotionally. You want to pick a crystal that resonates with you, one that you intuitively connect with and feel attracted to. It’s important to understand the history and meaning behind each stone to help inform your decision. Learning more about crystals can also open up new possibilities for how they can improve your life and wellness.


Cleanse your crystals

Cleansing your crystals is an important step in manifesting the power of healing through crystals. Cleansing is about getting rid of any negative energy that may have been absorbed by the crystal and making sure the crystal is ready to be used for healing.

There are a few different methods to cleanse your crystals, the most common being through full moon charging, although you have to wait all month for that. For a quick cleansing method Moon water is another popular choice. Collect some natural water from the sea of a stream, or collect rainwater for a full moon cycle. Be sure to avoid cleansing any porous or delicate stones this way as it can damage them, if the crystal ends with a -ite it is probably not suitable for water. A smoke cleanse is also great for purifying the energy of crystals, you can use sage or palo santo for this. Simply light it up, allow the smoke to engulf the crystal, circle the smoke around the crystal in a clockwise direction and let it sit until the smoke clears.

Moonlight is by far the most popular way to cleanse and charge your crystals, simply lay them out to bathe in the light of the full moon. For a quick daily charge-up before use place the crystal in the sunlight for 10 minutes.

Once you've chosen how to cleanse your crystals, you're ready to start using them for chakra healing and improving your life. With cleansed and charged crystals at hand, you can invoke your inner crystal witch and manifest your dreams!


Program your intention

Manifesting positive change starts by opening yourself up to receive it by practising self-care, setting intentions and visualising what you desire for yourself. You can also use crystals as powerful tools to manifest abundance, joy, love and prosperity in your life. Every crystal carries a unique vibration and frequency which when used correctly can help to raise your vibration and amplify whatever intention you’re setting. Clear quartz is known as the “master manifestor”, but other stones like citrine, rose quartz, green aventurine and carnelian can also be used to bring clarity and help unlock new possibilities when manifesting what you want out of life. Take some time to explore all the magical qualities different crystals possess and find what works best for you!

Once you've selected a few specific crystals, focus on each one individually and set an intention for each one such as “love", "healing", "abundance" or "success". For example, if you’re looking to focus on releasing negative thoughts or old patterns then try holding black tourmaline or shungite, which are protective stones, and say "I release what no longer serves me!". Then take those stones with you everywhere or keep them near you while you sleep so they can work their magic and continue working on the intention while you sleep or throughout the day. You may even consider putting them on a window sill under the moonlight during certain phases to charge them with extra energy. Taking care of your crystals and regularly cleansing them with sage or moon water helps keep them strong and clear so they can continue channelling healing energy into your environment and radiating their magic.

Working with your crystal

Once you have chosen the right crystal, cleansed it and programmed it with your intention, the next step is to place the crystal. You can either place the crystal directly on your body, or hold it in your hands. When placing the crystal on your body, make sure that you choose the best placement for your specific intention. For example, if you are looking to heal a particular chakra, then place a crystal of the corresponding colour directly on that chakra.

Alternatively, if you are not focusing on a particular chakra, then you can place the crystal anywhere on your body that feels comfortable. When you are placing your crystal, it is important to be mindful and allow the energy of the crystal to merge with your energy. Visualise the healing energy of the crystal penetrating into your body and cleansing away any blockages that are present.

If you are holding the crystal in your hands, then make sure to hold it in both hands and close your eyes. Focus on your intention and allow yourself to open up to the healing energy of the crystal. You can also use this method when working with other crystals to bring in new energies into your life.


Chakra healing

Your body is an energy system, and each part has its own function. While your heart keeps the blood flowing and your lungs keep you breathing, your energy system keeps your whole body working properly. Your chakras need energy to flow through them in order to keep your spiritual body healthy. Imbalances in your energy system can cause psychological and physical symptoms, so it's important to keep your chakras in balance.

You can use a crystal pendulum to test the health of your chakra system

Hold your pendulum over each chakra point. Energy should flow into the body in a clockwise motion, if your pendulum turns in an anti-clockwise direction, this is a sign of blocked energy.  To remedy this lie down for twenty minutes with a crystal of the same corresponding colour to that chakra point.  As you learn more about how the chakras are connected to certain aspects of your life, you will be able to better focus on releasing any trapped emotions or issues related to the specific chakra. When those issues begin to clear up and align, you'll begin to notice changes in your life from the energetic shifts. 


Check in with your crystal

When you begin to work with a crystal, it’s important to check in with it regularly. Maybe it needs more cleansing or reprogramming. When was the last time you charged your crystals under the full moon? You may also want to consider each crystal's potential healing properties, how you can work with it, and how it can help you.

Check in with your crystal using your intuition and listen closely for any subtle messages or feelings that come through.   Try using divination techniques to “listen” to what the crystal is telling you. Some people use their tarot cards or runes, while others use their trusted crystal pendulum.  Simply hold your pendulum over the crystal, ask the pendulum if this crystal is ready for use.  The movement off of the pendulum should tell you how energetic your crystal is.  If there is little to no movement then it is time to cleanse and charge your crystal.  

It’s important to remember that crystals don’t have to do all the work for you - they are here to support and guide you on your journey. When you check in with your crystal, be open and receptive to what it has to tell you. With practice, patience, and a good relationship with your crystal, you can reap the benefits of their healing energy.


Meditate with your crystal

Meditation is a powerful practice that can help bring balance, clarity, and peace to your life. By connecting with the energy of your crystal through meditation, you can access and amplify its healing power. Here’s how to meditate with your crystal:

1. Find a comfortable position. You can sit or lie down – whatever feels most comfortable for you.
2. Connect with your breath. Close your eyes and take some deep breaths, allowing yourself to relax and centre your energy.

3. Hold your crystal in your hands or place it on your heart. Take a few moments to connect with the crystal and become aware of its vibration and energy.

4. Visualise a positive intention for the crystal to help you create the desired outcome.

5. Let go of any expectations and allow yourself to stay open and receive the healing energy of the crystal.

6. If it helps, set a timer and stay in this space for at least 10 minutes. When the timer goes off, take some deep breaths and slowly come back to the present moment.

Meditating with crystals can be an incredibly powerful and transformative experience. With patience and practice, you can unlock their potential and use them to facilitate healing on all levels of your being.


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