Leo Full Moon: The perfect time for crystal healing - Moon Charged Crystals

Leo Full Moon: The perfect time for crystal healing

The Leo full moon  is an incredibly powerful time for harnessing the energy of the universe by charging your crystals. This is because the Leo full moon brings an energy of courage and strength, which makes it the perfect time to hold a crystal and manifest your dream life. Whether you are looking to cleanse and charge your crystals, or use them to manifest your dreams during a full moon ceremony, this post will help you get the most out of crystal healing during the Leo full moon

What crystals should you use during the Leo full moon?

If you are rooting around your crystal collection tonight looking for gemstones to charge, pick crystals associated with Leo to make the most of the moon’s energy!

Cinnabar, Garnet, Carnelian, Sunstone, Quartz, Zebra Calcite, Ruby, Citrine and Fire Agate are all astrologically related to the Leo sign and would make an excellent choice. Take advantage of this moon's vibrant energy by cleansing and charging these crystals during a special moon ritual. Place them on a windowsill or outside in direct moonlight overnight. In addition to this method, consider using a herb cleansing ritual, or visualization technique. Light some candles, cast a circle and use affirmations or visualizations to align with the moon's intentions. Then, use a pendulum or ask your intuition which stones will benefit from a special cleanse and charging. Finally, hold them in your hands or place them on a sacred altar space as you ask the moon's energy to activate their healing properties. By doing this ritual during the Leo full moon, you can tap into its powerful cosmic energy that is full of vitality, joy, and creativity.


Leo Full Moon: The perfect time for crystal healing

How do you cleanse and charge your crystals?

You can cleanse your crystals many ways. Herb cleanses, running them under water, attuning to a healing sound frequency or simple visualisation are popular cleansing techniques to remove old energy attachments from your crystals

To charge up your crystals, place them in direct moonlight outside during the night, allowing them to soak up its magical energy. While doing this, set intentions for what you want from your moon ritual - e.g. clarity of mind, abundance, inner peace - allowing this intention to flow into the crystals. Alternatively, if going outside isn't possible - sitting inside near a window or balcony works just as well.

Another idea is to hold your crystals close to you during meditation - placing them directly above or below your crown chakra to allow them to draw cosmic energies down through your body. Doing this also allows you to connect with the higher vibrations of the moon and receive its many blessings!

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Leo Full Moon: The perfect time for crystal healing

What is a full moon ceremony?

Crystal healing is a powerful practice, and when done during the Leo full moon it can be even more powerful because of the high energy attributes of this fierce astrological sign. Leo typifies the archetype of the lion, powerful and noble. One of the fire signs, Leo energy is very high energy and creative therefore if you are working with crystals during this time you should focus on healing your lower chakras because Leo full moons do wonders to boost our own inner confidence, creativity and passion.

To reap the most benefit from these energies you can perform a full moon ritual; create sacred space in your home or garden, cleanse and charge your crystals under the light of the Leo full moon by placing them outside under the moonlight overnight or in the direct sunlight throughout the day. You can also pair specific crystals with this energy depending on what type of healing you’re seeking; Carnelian increases creativity while sunstone helps heal any feelings of lack or insecurity. For added benefit, choose something related to Leo such as sunflowers or citrine to include in your ritual that will help magnify its effect. However, you choose to use this powerful energy, harnessing the power of the Leo full moon can bring profound healing.

Leo Full Moon: The perfect time for crystal healing

Full moon manifesting

Today's Leo full moon is an excellent opportunity to focus on your ambitions and what you can do to bring them to fruition. 

If you are moon manifesting it is the perfect time to wish for anything that brings prestige and notoriety.  If you are intending to achieve something special, perhaps you want the courage to become an influencer, move to an unfamiliar place or start a new enterprise, let the powerful archetype of the lion inspire you, and trust that you can realise all your dreams.

Whatever your wish hold a high-vibe crystal, like quartz, to improve your manifesting power.

Afterwards, continue with a brief meditative practice to tap further into the moon's powerful vibration. Focus on your breath and inhale deeply, then exhale all of your worries away until you feel completely balanced and aligned. Lastly, seal off the moon ritual by giving thanks for all that has been gifted to you by this beautiful celestial body!


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