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The Power of Lapis Lazuli: What Stones Work Well with this Crystal?

Crystals have been used for centuries as powerful healing tools and lapis lazuli is no exception. Known for its beautiful deep blue color, lapis lazuli is a spiritual stone that is believed to bring wisdom, truth, and enlightenment. In addition to its healing and transformative power, lapis lazuli is also believed to be able to enhance the power of other crystals when used together. So if you're looking to maximize the power of lapis lazuli check out what stones work best with this crystal? Read on to find out!

The Power of Lapis Lazuli

For thousands of years, lapis lazuli has been used for energetic protection. This majestic crystal has long been associated with courage, wisdom, intellect and truth. In ancient Egypt, craftsman would make amulets and protective talismans out of lapis lazuli in the belief that it will ward off evil. Today, lapis lazuli is still a sought-after crystal for its powerful metaphysical properties. Its vivid blue hues make it a prized stone for home decor as well as for crystal collections. Lapis lazuli also makes an excellent gift for someone special since it is believed to open the third eye chakra for clear vision and insight. It is even known to increase psychic abilities! The best way to take advantage of its many attributes is to combine it with other crystals. So what stones work well with lapis lazuli?

What Stones Work Well with Lapis Lazuli?

Many crystals work well with Lapis Lazuli. All blue crystals are particularly complimentary with lapis lazuli and displaying these crystals together will support your throat and third eye chakras, which improve mental clarity and speech.
Combining lapis lazuli with other crystals like amethyst, citrine and celestite has a powerful effect. Whether it's a trinket bowl containing these crystals or wearing jewellery with two or more of them, this will intensify the healing properties the lapis lazuli and bring a deeper level of energy into your life.
Spirit quartz is another crystal that works very well with lapis lazuli, as its rainbow-coloured druzy can help to create harmony in any space that it's in. When put together in a crystal collection or used as home decor, spirit quartz can be quite aesthetically pleasing when used in tandem with lapis lazuli. Labradorite is another great option for those looking to combine lapis lazuli in their crystal collections or home decor, as its grey-blue flashes of colour harmoniously complement the royal blue hues of lapis lazuli. Clear quartz is also often used in combination with lapis lazuli; when clear quartz is combined in its raw form with lapis lazuli it can make for a very attractive table decoration in any home. Lastly, sodalite is also often paired up with lapis lazuli due to its calming blue colour that supports intuition and rational thinking. As such, sodalite is one of the best additions to any crystal collection featuring lapis lazuli.

The Power of Lapis Lazuli: What Stones Work Well with this Crystal?

Chakra Healing Crystals

Not only can lapis lazuli enhance your crystal collection, but it is an excellent crystal tool for healing. There are some crystal combinations that work well when chakra healing. Tigers eye and hematite are two stones that work well with lapis lazuli as they can help to support its power. Combining them can help bring clarity, focus and insight into life’s challenging decisions. Tourmaline can also be used alongside lapis lazuli as they both work towards freeing yourself from limiting beliefs. Rhodonite also pairs nicely with this stone as its gentle vibrations can help heal one’s heart. Additionally, sunstone can be used alongside lapis lazuli as their combined powers can bring success, luck and abundance into one’s life. Incorporating these stones into one’s home decor or crystal collection can be an effective way to get the full benefits of lapis lazuli.

Crystals that Compliment Lapis Lazuli

Amethyst Moonstone
Azurite Pyrite
Barite Quartz
Blue calcite Rhodonite
Celestite Selenite
Citrine Sodalite
Fluorite Spirit Quartz
Hematite Sunstone
Howlite Tigers Eye
Labradorite Tourmaline
The Power of Lapis Lazuli: What Stones Work Well with this Crystal?

How to Use Lapis Lazuli

Whether you are adding a beautiful piece of lapis lazuli to your healing crystal collection or investing in a large specimen, this crystal is truly stunning. Its royal blue colour, rich gold veins and unique patterns make it the perfect addition to office spaces, libraries and your home.  

In regards to home decor, there are certain stones that work best with lapis lazuli. Clear quartz, pyrite and azurite are especially powerful when displayed with lapis lazuli. Clear quartz amplifies the power of other stones while pyrite enhances its protective properties. Meanwhile, azurite helps to tap into deeper intuition and awareness when combined with lapis lazuli. You can also add citrine to bring forth creativity, courage, abundance and joy as well as black tourmaline for protection from negative energies. These stones work particularly well together if you have chosen to display them together as part of your home decor. Additionally, barite can be used to promote clarity and insight while bringing joy and harmony into the home. Lastly, selenite can help keep all energy within the home positive and harmonious when placed next to lapis lazuli.

The Power of Lapis Lazuli: What Stones Work Well with this Crystal?


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