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What is energy clearing?

You may have read our recent post, 'crystal healing essentials' over the next week I explain the importance of clearing energy, cleansing and charging crystals. In todays post I talk about the importance of clearing energy

So, clearing energy...what does this mean exactly?

Here at MCC we believe it is absolutely essential to clear energy regularly, particularly if you are working with crystals; we also highly recommend clearing your energetic field on a regular basis, especially if you are an empathetic or particularly sensitive person.

The ability to understand a feel emotions of another. Able to intuitively sense the feelings of another person and vividly imagine (and in some cases feel) these emotions themselves.

I have come across and worked closely with people who have heightened empathy towards others, much of the time, from my experience, these people suffer from mental exhaustion, anxiety and depression. You may know someone in your own life who fits into this description?  

Moon Charged Tip:
If you are an empath yourself or you know someone who is, we highly recommend that you balance your chakras regularly.
You can do this yourself or you can visit a reiki practitioner, just do your research first!


To harbour such an ability, we consider, a wonderful gift from the universe. Such a powerful tool can be hard to manage, as time goes on you start to understand how to work with this gift without holding onto the energy of others. 

Did you know energy is sticky

Energy flows through through all of us, every living being and every object in the universe, and energy sticks. Without going too deep into this topic today, lets get the basic idea...
Have you ever walked into a room and felt a heavy atmosphere, or tension in the air? This is your energy field picking up on the frequencies of the room, in this situation, the longer you stay in that energy the more you start to feel it yourself, often leaving the room feeling a weight, pressure or tightness that you just can't seem to shake. This is the negative energy sticking to your energetic field (aura) and absorbing your happy and positive energy.

Most of us can probably relate to that example, some more than others, the more empathy you have the stronger you may have been affected.

So sticky energy, you may think this is madness, but bare with me...

Think about my previous example, you may remember occasions where you have been in a low vibe room or around a negative person, this energy rubs off on you and you may become uneasy and want to leave. Well the same goes with crystals... ​


Crystals absorb negative vibrations from the atmosphere. They absorb energies around them and release positive high vibe energy, according the properties of the particular crystal.

It is important to clear the crystal from this energy regularly in order to return the crystal to its natural state.

When working with crystals for healing purposes the last thing you need is stagnant 'stuck' energy being harboured in the stones. Clearing the crystal will keep the stone working with its maximum energetic power.

Back to clearing energy...

There are many ways you can clear energy, one way is through using a sacred space, I did a post about this not too long ago, check it out.


Burning sage is a great technique to clear energy from your aura and from your space and objects.

I highly recommend everyone cleanses their energy field, particularly when feeling down, sad or anxious. I also recommend burning sage in your home after visitors have been, to clear any energy they have left behind and has stuck to the energy of the home.


Working with crystals is a great tool to ground and protect your energy. It is so important to be aware of your feelings and emotions, sometimes we can lose focus, thats where crystals come in.

One great recommendation is Obsidian. This crystal can ground you to the earth and give you the stability to hold your emotions, it also offers a protective shield preventing low vibe and negative energy penetrating your aura (sticking to your vibe)

As I mentioned before, crystals absorb and hold onto energy, this means it is super important to cleanse them regularly.

Cleansing is the only way to restore the crystals to their natural state. When you are using stones for crystal healing you they will be absorbing energy you are working to release...

...Check back later in the week for our top 3 cleansing techniques!

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Many blessings


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