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Crystal healing essentials and our moon charged favourites!

Crystal healing is a healing technique which focusses on the healing of energy centres in the body, it is often used as an alternative to medical techniques

Crystals are placed on or around the body acting as a conductor of energy, this allows positive healing energy flow into the body and cause negative and toxic energy to be drawn out.

There are many different crystals, all of which have different healing properties associated with them. The more experience you gain with crystal healing, the more familiar you will become with these properties. In todays post I will be discussing our crystal healing essentials along with some of our moon charged favourites!

Wait, what do you mean, energy centres of the body?

First off, you need to understand one thing: You are energy

All living things are created by, and comprised, of energy. The ability of your energy centres to function at their best is what keeps you emotionally, physically, and spiritually balanced

The energy centres in the body are known as Chakras

Chakras help to regulate all the functions in the body, from organ function to to the immune system and your emotions. Seven chakras are positioned throughout your body, from the base of your spine to the crown of your head. Each chakra has its own vibrational frequency and colour. You can learn more about the chakra system here.


Now you've learnt about Chakras, here is our list of crystal essentials.

there are many different crystals out there, this list offers our opinion of essential healing crystals; these crystals are what we believe to be a great starting point when building your crystal collection

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz is definitely a go to crystal essential for us here at MCC.

Clear Quartz has the ability to amplify the properties of any crystals that are placed near to it. It is also extremely powerful, it restores, releases and regulates energy; not to mention this crystal can store energy, Clever isn't it?!

Crystal Properties:

- cleans and balances the chakras
- helps lessen headaches
- promotes clear thinking and problem solving

Rose Quartz


Rose Quartz is known as 'the stone of love,' you've probably heard of it!

More often than not this crystal is used for attracting and keeping love as well as protecting relationships.

But did you know, this stone also helps to heal a broken heart and strengthen self love?

Crystal Properties:

- increases self confidence
- emits strong vibrations of unconditional love
- grants truth and purpose


Obsidian is the ultimate stone of protection.

Obsidian protects your aura from negativity, toxic attachments and disharmony.

This crystal absorbs negativity and allows you to cut emotional ties that can inhibit you from moving on



Crystal Properties:

- brings clarity and clears confusion
- promotes compassion and strength
- truth enhancing

Smokey Quartz


Smokey Quartz is another powerful healing stone, it helps stabilise and ground you, whilst raising your vibration.

It will assist you to release negative emotions such as, jealousy, anger and fear. 

Crystal Properties:

- absorbs electromagnetic radiation
- soothes physical and emotional pain
- provides psychic protection   

Blue Calcite


Blue Calcite activates and stimulates learning, spiritual growth and mental development.

It is super motivating, promoting self confidence, in turn attracting success to its user.

Crystal Properties:
- assists with communication
- calms the mind and brings inner peace
- promotes meaningful dreams

And our moon charged favourites:



Amethyst is one of the most popular crystals and with good reason.

This stone has many healing properties, it purifies the mind and relieves anxieties.

The most common property of Amethyst is its ability to relieve sleep problems and stress.

Crystal Properties:
- relieves migraines
- helps overcome addiction of any kind
- cultivates tranquility


Celestite uplifts the atmosphere of a room, attracting happiness and prosperity.

This beautiful stone is perfect for spiritual development, helping you remember dreams and helping you achieve deep meditation.

This beautiful blue crystal was our inspiration for the MCC colour scheme!


Crystal Properties:

- deeply relaxing
- helps you trust your intuition
- stimulates spiritual senses 



It goes without saying, Moonstone is an absolute favourite here at MCC!

A symbol of femininity and sensuality, moonstone embodies your inner goddess.

A perfect crystal companion for women in particular, as this stone helps you connect with the different cycles of life

Crystal Properties:

- channels intuition
- allows loving healing energy flow
- supports us through change

Its so hard to choose favourites from such an amazing collection of natural treasures! We have bundled together some of your moon charged favourites into a magical abalone shell, check it out!
Tell us your favourites in the comments section below for a chance to be featured in our Instagram story!
Many Blessings

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