Our moon charged formula ... - Moon Charged Crystals

Our moon charged formula ...

You've seen our name by now, Moon Charged Crystals ... and you may be thinking "moon charged, what does that mean?" well get comfy, make a drink and let me tell you all about our moon charged formula...

At MCC we ethically source our crystals, from the moment we receive them they are cared for and nurtured in order to protect their energy, ensuring you receive a crystal packed with positivity and maximum energetic power.

The theory behind crystal healing is that the frequencies emitted from the stones affect the subtle energy field around you, your aura. There is an energetic world that we cannot see through the naked eye, it is a subtle energy network that connects everything in life. It may be referred to as subtle but this energy can have a massive impact on your life in the physical world. 
We must protect our energy from external influences in order to maintain a positive and healthy balance in our mind, body and spirit. What we don't want is to be using a crystal for healing purposes that is harbouring negative and unwanted energy. You can learn more about crystal energy here.

So how do we look after our crystals?

We take three steps to ensure our crystals are properly cleansed, charged and programmed before they make their journey to you

First step ...

We take great care in hand-selecting our crystals, we allow our intuition to guide us only to the stones that resonate with us on an energetic level.
Once we get the stones back to HQ we may need to give them a little bath; some of the rough/raw crystals are bathed in saltwater first to rid them of any dusty residue they may be holding onto. Next up, we cleanse the crystals using sage

Second step ... 

Our crystals are then attuned to the universal healing frequency of 432hz. This frequency is known as the ultimate healing frequency due to it being synchronised with the energy of the universe... more on that next time! This frequency creates a soft and healing vibration that resonates within us, creating calm and balance, and allowing for deep meditative states
moon charging

Third step ... 

We leave our crystals to bathe in the moonlight for 3 nights over the course of the full moon. This is to allow for maximum exposure to the lunar energy, meaning the stones are at their most powered and natural state for crystal healing.

Be sure to follow us on Instagram and watch our full moon charging along with our full moon rituals live on every full moon! If you want to learn more about cleansing and charging your crystals, take a look at our post here.

Many Blessings!

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