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What is a crystal grid and how do you work with one?

If you're new to the world of crystals you may be wondering, what on earth are crystal grids?! Not to worry, this blog post should answer your questions!

A crystal grid is the placement of crystals and stones in different arrangements in order to focus their combined energy towards a specific goal

Crystal grids are a very powerful way to manifest desires, goals and intentions.

Our crystal grids have been developed using a combination of ancient crystal grid teachings and modern day metaphysical work. Each grid contains a centre crystal, which we refer to as an 'amplifier' and several tumbled/raw stones, which we refer to as 'conductors'

The amplifier crystal is the centre point of the crystal grid, this is the most powerful part of the grid and will direct your intention straight up into the universe. The conductor crystals align with the intention of the grid and the combination of stones enhance the grids power.

You can make a crystal grid with any combination of crystals, here at MCC we have designed 3 grids with the intentions of, relax, release and revitalise.

Each of grids are cleansed using sage and charged on the full moon.

So, now you know what a crystal grid is, heres how to work with one:

First of all you want to choose which crystal grid you want to work with.

Are you struggling to sleep or wind down? Then NUWA would be the best choice in order to help you to relax. 

Are you finding it hard to let go of something/someone or are you finding negative thoughts are taking over? Then THE SHAMAN would be your go to choice to help release negative attachments and let go of what no longer serves you. 

Feeling low in energy? Lacking motivation? In a creative rut? Then DAGAZ is here to help you. Receive a boost of energy direct from the universe and feel revitalised and driven towards your goals

Ok, so you've chosen your grid, whats next?

Find a home for your crystal grid. Make a sacred space, free of distraction, thats just for you. A place you can feel comfortable and undisturbed ready to work with your crystals. Keep an eye out for our Moon Charged tips for creating a sacred space!

So you're comfortable in your sacred space. Now you need to clear the energy of the atmosphere; burning sage is our preferred method for cleansing space.

Next, think about your intention.

An intention is used to programme the amplifier crystal of the grid; the purpose of this is to set your desires/goals into motion and allow the crystals healing energies to send your intention out into the universe. 

If you are working with THE SHAMAN it may be that you feel like you are holding on to worries or anxieties around a certain situation. Write down your goal/desires onto a piece of paper. Hold the amplifier crystal in your hand and clear your mind focussing on your intention, you can even recite your intention out loud if you feel inclined to do so. Place your piece of paper in the centre of your grid underneath the amplifier crystal.

Now you want to mindfully place each of the conductors in their space on the mat.

By keeping your intention at the forefront of you mind, you are sending out your intention to the universe; matching your frequency to that of the crystal grid and crystals you are working with.

Visualise your intention manifesting - how you feel when your intentions come into fruition. Spend some time meditating on your intention - this can be as little as 5 minutes or as long as feels comfortable, your intuition will tell you when you are ready.

The palm stone of the grid can be used as a talisman

You can carry this stone with you to keep the power of the crystal grid on your person and to remind you of your intention.

Use it to bring your focus back to your intention when you feel like your mind is wondering or becoming unbalanced. Just spending a few minutes focussing on your palm stone and visualising its energy enveloping your bio-energetic field will work wonders for your mind and spirit. Recognise how the stone makes you feel, what colours you can see? Spend this time mindfully admiring your crystal  

What do I do when I have finished working with my grid?

When you have finished working with your grid ensure you thank the crystals for their power; the same goes for your palm stone, when you place it back onto the grid thank it for working for you. 

You should work with the grid as long as you feel needed to focus on the intention you have set. When you want to re-programme the grid to a different intention you need to clear the grid first, you can learn how to do this here

I hope this post has answered some questions you may have had - don't forget we are always here to help, you can DM us on Instagram or contact us here

Many Blessings


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What is a crystal grid and how do you work with one? • Moon Charged Crystals