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Clear Topaz

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Clear topaz is a great crystal for philosophers, writers and truth seekers.  When you hold this crystal imagine the Greek goddess of wisdom Athena bestowing deep knowledge and confident knowing.  

Clear topaz is a beautiful translucent crystal with powerful healing and energising powers.  Meaning you can use topaz to energise you during the day and help you relax at night.  

MCC Crystal Work tips


Chakra Healing


Clear topaz is associated with the higher chakras, the crown and soul star.  The higher chakras are where we receive psychic downloads from the universe, so by strengthening these chakras you can gain an excellent perspective on your own world or and the world around you.  Sleep next to a piece of clear topaz to gain deep knowledge as well as the confidence to trust your intuition.   

Manifest your dreams


You can use clear topaz for deep soul work. Start on the new moon and sleep next to clear topaz for a whole moon cycle, and every night before bed hold your topaz crystal and say this simple intention spell:

"Show me the story of my soul."✨

Keep a sleep journal, every morning write down everything that you can remember from your dreams, even if it seems irrelevant. On the last night of the moon cycle review your notes and see if you can piece together a story, this is the story of your soul.


  Best use for your crystal


Clear topaz is a hard, durable crystal that can be carried around with you.  If you wish to leave your crystal at home you can leave this high vibe mineral anywhere as it.  Topaz is the perfect crystal for mediation and yoga studios as clear topaz is known to energise your body whilst relaxing your mind.  

Build your crystal collection:

  Ethically sourced crystals, charged under the full moon for extra energetic power

  The crystal in the pictures is an example: 

 approximate weight and size: 40g and 30 x 40 mm

The power of the moon has been long synonymous with crystal healing. It’s thought that the healing energy from the moon powers crystals so they radiate an abundance of high vibe energy upon all those who use them.

Moon charging is the most common method for improving the energy of your crystals, but it is just as important to cleanse your crystals to remove any stagnant energy, sometimes considered bad ju-ju.  

Caring for your crystals is so important because using crystals for healing purposes is extremely powerful and you want to ensure you are receiving the purest form of energy. 

Stagnant energy can build up with the crystals, just like it can within your energy body. When you are feeling a low mood, or a buildup of tension, you don't function as effectively as you would normally, the same goes for your crystals. 

Crystals absorb and release energy so it is crucial to cleanse crystals regularly to avoid having stagnant energy build-up hindering your healing process. 

How to cleanse and charge your crystals | Moon Charged Crystals

There are a number of different ways to cleanse crystals, here are some of the most popular techniques

1. Smoke cleanse:

This is a very popular way to cleanse your crystals. The purifying smoke removes any energetic residue. It is always recommended to cleanse your crystals before you charge them. Some people like to cleanse their crystals after every use so they're always working with new energy.

Some like to use candles or herb bundles. You can also use a bowl of mixed resins and herbs, sage, rosemary and myrrh make a beautiful blend. Shamanic healers are known to use Palo Santo sticks. With this technique, it is advised to move the smoke around in a clockwise direction to cleanse the stone. 

Cleanse and charge your crystals | Moon Charged Crystals

2. Cleansing with sound

Sound cleansing is a great way to uplift your crystals' energy. It is believed that your crystals will align with the frequency of the sound. A lot of spiritual practitioners use a traditional singing bowl, but you can always download healing frequency sounds from Youtube. Our favourite frequency is 432 hz, which is considered the universal frequency of harmony and peace. 

Not sure which sound to use?  Take a quiet minute to close your eyes and just listen to a few frequencies, or uplifting music.  Hold your stomach can you feel what sound resonates with you?   *the stomach is a very intuitive part of our body.  Have you ever had a gut reaction, or felt something in your waters? 

Cleanse and charge your crystals | Moon Charged Crystals

3. Cleansing with selenite

Selenite symbolises the power of the moon beautifully because selenite harbours the pure white light of the universe and is thought to be one of the most sacred stones on earth. Selenite has a very rejuvenating power, making it the perfect crystal to cleanse your other crystals.  

Selenite is easy to work with, find a scared space, preferably in direct moonlight like a window sill.  Place your crystals next to a piece of selenite, or make a crystal grid that encases your other crystals within, and leave it there overnight to charge up.   

You can use this cleansing technique at any time of the month, but it’s recommended that the best time to do so is on the last night of the moon's cycle (the Balsamic moon, day 26-28) as the waxing moon invites us to let go of old energies so we can welcome in fresh changes with the new moon.

Cleanse and charge your crystals | Moon Charged Crystals

Charging your crystals 

Charging your crystals is simply a process of transferring energy from natural sources to stones. No effort is actually required on your part as the crystals naturally attract energy from the sun, moon and the earth.  Crystals attract energy, and then move the energy around their perfect crystalline structures until they are ready to release the energy.  

With crystal healing, it is advised to consider the healing process as a transference of energy.  Each crystal emits energy in a different way so by learning the properties of each stone you can manipulate the energy of the crystal to best suit your needs and become a confident crystal witch.   

Charging your crystals is very beneficial for all crystals regardless if you use them for crystal healing, even crystals used for decor can benefit from regular charging up so their energy can keep your home harmonious and high vibe.

Check out our four favourite charging techniques…

1. Moon water

The process here is super easy and can be used to cleanse and energise your crystals at the same time as nature's water (like rainwater, stream water or ocean water) neutralises negative energy.

First, you have to make your moon water.  

How to cleanse and charge your crystals | Moon Charged Crystals 

When there is a new moon, place a glass container outside to catch rainwater as it falls, or fill the container with water (seawater is fantastic if you can get it) and place it outside or on a window sill, and leave it there until the full moon. The night after the full moon, the water will be charged and you can store it away for whenever you need it.

When using your moon water simply pour a little bit of moon water on your crystals before use, not only does it cleanse, but also recharges your crystals with healing and uplifting energy.

 This gentle charging technique is advised for those using their crystals for chakra healing or self-work.  

Cleanse and charge your crystals | Moon Charged Crystals



This method is only suited to hard crystals, such as most types of quartz, amethyst and tigers eye however there are other crystals you can not cleanse using this method, just be careful, stones that are too soft can be damaged by water! 

As a general rule of thumb, I avoid using the water method for crystals ending in 'ite,' such as calcite, kyanite, hematite etc.

Another way to know if your crystals are safe for water is by using the stone's hardness score. Using the Mohs hardness scale, any crystal scoring below 5 should avoid water.

Mohs Hardness scale:
A scale by which the hardness of stones and minerals are scored, the harder the crystal is the higher it scores.
The scale goes 1-10, 1 being the softest and 10 being the hardest

As with anything, there are exceptions to this guide, if unsure, contact us and we can help you!

2. Bury your crystals in the earth

The earth's healing energy is perfect for recharging crystals, as it is from the earth that crystals are made. 

Some crystal work enthusiasts like to bury precious crystals for a full moon cycle for an extra powerful charge up, but at MCC we find that charging up your crystals for two nights under the waxing (new to full moon) or full moon will suffice.  

Find a small area outside to bury your crystals, or you can use an indoor planter. Arrange your crystals in the hole and cover them with dirt. Leave a little marker for when you come back to find them. Keep in mind that some crystals aren't suitable for water and therefore shouldn't be used. Please refer to the guide above.

Cleanse and charge your crystals | Moon Charged Crystals


2. A quick sun charge

Sun charging is a great way to charge your precious gemstones for the crystal witch on the go. Simply hold your crystal high in the sky or leave it in direct sunlight for 10 minutes. When comparing the energy of the moon and the sun, the sun represents fast action energy, so it can power your crystals faster than the moon. 

Usually, crystal work experts tend to use this technique for manifestation. Crystals like (clear, spirit and smokey) quartz, carnelian, sunstone, tiger's eye and amber are very powerful for manifesting your dreams, and are all associated with the action-packed energy of the sun. Before setting your intention or making a wish, hold one of these power crystals up to the sun for a little energy boost.

Cleanse and charge your crystals | Moon Charged Crystals

*Be careful not to leave any crystals in the sunlight for too long as they can fade in the light.  


4. Full moon charging

The most popular and widely accepted technique for charging your crystals is a traditional moon charge. The full moon marks the peak of the moon’s illumination, and this powerful moonlight is considered to be full of high vibrational energy that will charge your crystals to their fullest capacity.

Traditionally, it is recommended to cleanse your crystals and leave them in the direct moonlight all night long. If you have a specific crystal work purpose for any of your stones, you can prepare them by setting an intention.

For example, if you want to use a piece of rose quartz for a love spell, as you lay your crystal out to charge, set your intention by saying, “I attract pure love!”✨

Cleanse and charge your crystals | Moon Charged Crystals

After your crystals have charged under the moonlight you can place them in a prominent spot and let the healing vibes transform the energy in your home. At MCC, we cleanse all our stones with palo santo and sound healing and then charge them under the full moon.  Because stones can absorb negative energy from their surroundings we nurture our crystals and charge them up with high vibrations before they make their journey to you! 

Why not read about our moon charged formula?

Moon Charged tip:  If you start to feel a build-up of stagnant energy within yourself, why not try a moon bath ritual? Just like your crystals, you too can do with a regular cleanse and recharge. If you’re starting to feel a build-up of frustrated energy in yourself, why not use crystals and salt to rejuvenate you... mind, body and soul


As always, thank you for reading, comment below to share your favourite ways to cleanse and charge your crystals, I'd love to hear from you!


Want to learn more about setting intentions, new moon magick, chakra healing and manifesting… check out our blog, It's a high vibe thing!!


Chakra meaning: The word chakra is originally Sanskrit, meaning 'wheel' or 'turning'. It refers to our main energy centres and how they affect our physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing.  Each chakra has its own colour, element and purpose.   

Chakra healing

Your body is an energy system, and each part has its own function. While your heart keeps the blood flowing and your lungs keep you breathing, your energy system keeps your whole body working properly.

Your chakras need energy to flow through them in order to keep your spiritual body healthy. Imbalances in your energy system can cause psychological and physical symptoms, so it's important to keep your chakras in balance.

One of the ways you can heal your chakra system is through crystal realignment. You simply lay down and place a crystal of the corresponding colour on the chakra point, then sit back and relax as your energy blends with the healing frequency of the crystal.  

Chakra healing and crystals

A crystal's healing properties work on a spiritual level. They help clear your mind and restore your energy. Check out the chart below that illustrates the colour associations with each chakra point, plus examples of crystals that work well for alignments.

*You may be aware of the major seven chakras, the main energy centres of the body in the Indian and Buddhist traditions. But in fact, there are over a hundred chakra points, and at MCC we focus on ten.


Earth Star Chakra
"I release"
➵ hematite, obsidian, tourmaline

Located under your legs this chakra is like a subconscious database that keeps karmic DNA and past life records. Any imbalances in this chakra can make you feel extremely ungrounded and even wobbly on your feet. By keeping this chakra healthy, you'll be able to stand tall and proud of who you are.

Root Chakra
"I am powerful"
➵ red jasper, carnelian, sunstone

This chakra is the energy foundation, on your lower body, and is considered to connect all the other chakras to the earth. Imbalances in the root chakra can lead to fear, anxiety, rage, and insecurity. A balanced root chakra helps you feel more confident and passionate about life.

Sacral Chakra
"I am confident"
➵ tigers eye, smokey quartz, 

Located near your belly button the sacral chakra is considered to be a very sensitive chakra as those with a blocked sacral chakra can suffer from low self-esteem. A healthy sacral chakra makes all the difference when you are dealing with other people, as this chakra governs confidence, as well as tolerance.

Solar Plexus Chakra
"I am unique"
➵ orange calcite, citrine, pyrite

Located in the middle of your ribcage the solar plexus chakra is your intuition chakra.  Have you ever a feeling in the pit of your stomach?  That's your intuitive centre grabbing your attention.  It is also a major energy meridian and if it is not energetically aligned it can lead to major self-doubt and anxiety.

Heart Chakra
"I am worthy of love"
➵ aventurine, amazonite, fuchsite

The heart chakra  is considered to be the life force of the chakra system. Just as your heart pumps blood around your body, this chakra connects the lower chakras, with the higher ones. The difference is that lower chakras govern our raw human emotions and physical body, whereas the high chakras inspire us mentally through our spiritual body. If we suffer a heartbreak this will most likely create an imbalance in our heart chakra, and that will affect all the chakras. The key to healing from emotional loss is opening your heart again, letting new energy in.

Higher Heart chakra
"I attract love"
➵ rose quartz, rhodonite, pink opal

The higher heart chakra is associated with compassion, unconditional love and peace and is located 5cm above your heart. The higher heart chakra is where you gain creative inspiration and appreciate beauty. If you are planning to redecorate your home or change your personal appearance energetically align your higher heart for maximum inspiration.

Throat chakra
"I speak my truth"
➵ angelite, kyanite and blue calcite

Located on your throat, this chakra influences how we communicate and express ourselves. When this chakra is out of balance you will notice you cannot communicate properly, perhaps you get tongue-tied, or you cannot find the words to say what you mean.
Third-eye chakra
"I see the truth'
➵ sodalite, lapis lazuli, chrysocolla

The third eye chakra is located on your forehead, between your eyes, and is a very powerful energy centre that controls your mental functions, imagination and  psychic / telepathic abilities. Inbalances in this chakra can lead to mental anxiety, overthinking and paranoia.  Keeping this chakra healthy promotes good mental function, wisdom and insight.

Crown chakra
"I am connected"

➵  amethyst, lepidolite and thulite

Located at the very top of your head, this chakra connects you to the awesome power of the universe and your higher self. It is believed that an infinite amount of wisdom and data filter through your crown chakra all the time. Some refer to this chakra as an antenna that connects all living things within the energy matrix of the universe. Keeping this chakra healthy is vital for receiving spiritual guidance from ancestral spirits.

Soul Star chakra
"I learn"

quartz, selenite, apophyllite

Located about 10cm higher than the crown chakra, this is a very mysterious chakra that governs your soul's journey, which is buried very deep in your subconscious. This chakra is never considered to be particularly unbalanced, as it is almost like the opening of our chakra system, but we can energise our higher chakras with the soul star chakra which can help to develop your spiritual practices, like crystal work or psychic reading.
Chakra healing 

You can also use your pendulum to check the energy flow at each point. Energy should flow into the body in a clockwise motion, if your pendulum turns in an anti-clockwise direction, this is a sign of blocked energy.

Find out more about using your pendulum here


For further information on each Moon Charged crystal, and how they relate to the chakra system, visit the Small Healing Crystals, or check our our Moon Charged Chakra Healing Kit.

Chakra Healing Kit | Moon Charged Crystals 

Manifestation is when you attract something into existence through the power of your mind. The trick to manifestation is simple, you just need to truly believe that you deserve to have your most amazing dreams come true. 

Being an expert manifestor is, for some people, a process. It is suggested to build up your ability by practicing tiny manifestations. Once you start seeing evidence of these tiny wishes come true, you’ll be ready to give big manifestations a go.

There are a few different ways you can manifest a wish. In this blog, we'll show you how to use these powerful manifestation techniques from easy to advanced.

  1. Simply set your intention
  2. Work with the moon cycle to bring big changes into your life 
  3. Use a crystal for an instant manifestation


Crystals for beginners Setting your intention .... for every day, little manifestations 

Using the power of intention is a simple practice that can be incorporated into your everyday life. The technique is to make a, metaphorical, stand and declare to the universe something you desire to happen.

The difference between a mantra and setting an intention is that setting an intention invokes change which you then manifest with your own actions. Whereas a mantra is a repeating phrase that will effect a change within your psyche.

Setting an intention can be as simple as wishing for the determination to go to the gym, or making the effort to release emotional baggage, or not let anxiety rule your life. 

The real trick to setting an intention is seeing it through.  You must not let negative thinking hold you back.  Easier said than done right?  That is why crystal work can be an excellent support tool for self work.



The moon is all about emotions.  Use crystals to manage overwhelming feelings.

The moon transits around all twelve astrological signs in one month.

Keep small crystals on your person  that assist with the energy of astrological sign the moon is in.   

Crystal witch

Simply choose a crystal you feel drawn to, set your intention by speaking to the crystal.  Just hold your precious gemstone and whisper your wish. Carry your crystal with you so it can be a constant reminder of your mission statement.

Crystal beginners


Check crystal guides .... so you chose the right crystal to support your manifestation

Crystals all emit a certain frequency, so by associating a certain stone to your intention you are getting extra energetic support.  It is advised to check out crystal guides to find the perfect crystal that supports the theme of your wish.



As a whole crystal energy can generally can be categorised into three groups:

☾ POWER CRYSTALS .. "I will achieve ..." ✨ chose motivational crystals like carnelian  

☾ HEALING CRYSTALS ... "I release what no longer serves me"✨ chose a cleansing crystal like smokey quartz

"I want to invite more .... into my life" chose an attractor crystal like pyrite 


Tumbled pyrite

Did you know that crystals are fantastic for attracting abundance? Some crystals are very lucky and bring powerful gifts and opportunities into your life.  All crystals emit a frequency into the atmosphere that is specific to its crystal group. Some crystals can support a relaxing vibe in a room, and some emit very fast-moving, high frequency energy that works almost like a magnet, attracting good fortune and exciting experiences.

Top attractor crystals are:

Quartz - Attracts what you want, fast

Adeventurine - The Luckiest crystal of all

Citrine -  Attracts the physical manifestation of our worth money!!

 Just by keeping these crystals in your home you will bring extra high vibe energy into your life.  You needn't really do anything, they do the work for you!

For more advanced crystal work in manifesting abundance, focus on setting a strong intention and working with the moon's cycle.


Crystals for beginners 

Moon Cycle Manifestation .... for big manifestation spells

When you want to manifest something specific it can sometimes take some time to work through issues and prove to yourself you really deserve what you wish. 

You can use the moon’s cycle to support your manifestations.  You need to start on the new moon and everyday of the 28 day moon cycle set your intention on a specific wish.

For example, if you want to manifest more money chose a crystal like citrine, perhaps you want the money fast so you also place a piece of quartz next to the citrine.

Crystal witch


On the night of the new moon you place your crystals in a prominent place in your home, maybe somewhere in the moonlight like a windowsill.

Set your intention:  "Bring me the abundance I deserve"✨  Repeat this intention every night for fifteen nights as the moon waxes , the build up of light between the new and full moon.

Over the last half of the moon cycle (waning phase)  place your crystals in a prominent place.  Over these days you will be more aware of self sabotaging statements crossing your mind, this is normal because you have questioned what you deserve and that is a big question. Be mindful not to overthink, just drown out the chatter with this affirmation: "I am worth it"✨

 During this manifestation process your crystals will be working their magic behind the scenes, you just need to remain open to opportunities in your life and remember...YOU ARE WORTH IT! 



Happy Full Moon!!  The perfect time for instant manifestations

This weekend we have a full moon in Aquarius  and, for those crystal work practitioners that feel confident in their manifestation abilities, we wanted to share with you this instant manifestation guide for working with this mysterious moon.

Aquarius moons are an excellent time to explore your own inner psyche, and you can use a crystal to support you as you uncover hidden mysteries about yourself.  A great way to explore your inner self is to practice Active Dreaming, and a full moon is the ideal time to do so as the light of the moon is believe to illuminate our souls.

On the night of the full moon you must prepare yourself, perhaps detoxify your energy with a moon bath ritual or simply mediate to clear your mind.

Once you feel relaxed it is time to think about your burning question?  Maybe you want to uncover a family secret, or you want to understand what issues are holding you back from living your best life?  Chose one theme you wish to explore.  


Crystal witch


Next chose a crystal that supports that theme.  You can intuitively pick a crystal or use this guide to find a relevant gemstone to support you.  Crystals that are generally good for active dreaming are: 

☾ Celestite

☾ Selenite

☾ Labradorite

☾ Lepidolite

Create a sacred space, you could surround yourself with plants, candles or other special crystals.  Place your chosen crystal in front of you, or hold it in your hand and repeat this simple intention spell: 

“Tonight as I sleep reveal the secret within me!”✨

It is recommended you sleep next to your crystal and before you go to sleep tap your crystal three times to activate your wish.

In the morning be sure to take note of any signs, symbols or messages from your dreams.  They might not make sense straight away but if you keep referring to your notes you should be able to decipher your answer.   



Build your manifestation skills by using a crystal to set your intention.  Start with small with every day wishes   Work with the moon cycle for extra energetic support when making big wishes.    

Our next blog will be going into further detail into the chakra system and how you can use crystals to improve the energetic flow in your body.



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